Writer’s Choice: Why We Just Might Survive Trump

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No need for the side eye and arched eyebrow because I know it’s there. Just hear me out.

If you were heartbroken, confused, and simply just at a crossroads this entire election, and felt absolutely crushed on Election Night, then welcome.

If you have been following President-elect Trump’s Cabinet hearings and bust out laughing at people who have no idea what’s even going on—let alone earn a position in government— then have a seat right next to me.

If the thought of this weekend gives you anxiety and you can’t even bear the thought, then we’re already best friends at this point.

From the moment the first few polls closed on Election Night, and votes started simply trickling in for him, I knew with a sour pang that it was over. I just knew.

From then on, I felt myself becoming so angry and so disdained at a nation who could watch a campaign riddled with scandal after scandal, insult after insult against other races, genders, and social classes, and support a man who has prided himself on belittling and berating others, and think to themselves:

Why yes, this must be it for us. Finally.”

Truth be told, I know that feeling probably won’t ever go away.

But, as time goes on, I’m starting to realize that I’m angry at the blatant prejudice and long standing issues that have long plagued our country. That anger only bubbled over when it felt like there was a representative to all that madness. A real-life leader of the free world that chooses to communicate mostly with an Internet following instead.

But, I digress. You all know and probably feel all of this. You were there.

Now, what I’m proposing is not to ignore everything that is about to unfold. You probably won’t have any choice but to pay close attention.

But, I want you to have something in the forefront in your mind: We, as a people, have gone through unbelievable hurdles and broken barriers against all odds. We have fought and spoken up in the face of oppression and stood strong in the face of total defeat. Whether it is the eight years, or even eight days after the Inauguration; however long he’ll be in office, there will be an end date.

This, too, shall pass.

You still have the opportunity to work at being the best YOU that can possibly come into existence. You still have goals, dreams, and destinations that actually are in your control. Wrapping yourself up in this impending gloom can be exhausting, and I’m here to say, I feel it. Trust me, I do. But, what I also feel is the ability to focus on what’s in my grasp and do what I have I do that let’s me see beyond the devastation.

It will be challenging—at times, maybe impossible—but there will be days where it will be alright.

We’re a people built to withstand tribulations.

So, this weekend, as hard as it may be, try to see that we might actually survive.

Not, might. We will.

I see that side eye has now vanished. Told you so.

Written By: Kisha Forde


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