Why We Should Ask Our Elders for Relationship Advice

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What if you were told that there’s a hidden gem in the relationship world where the major keys to successful relationships are? Now, this gem is at your fingertips but since you’re young and living a busy life, you’ve overlooked it.

This gem is none other than our elders; our grandmothers, grandfathers, great-aunts and uncles, old coaches, etc. They’re  the missing pieces in our puzzled brains when it comes to love and relationships.

They’ve lived half a century, & could care less about someone’s opinion. So if we all want real love, why not seek advice from someone that’s going to keep it real about love? Well, we went out and talked to a few of our older companions and we’ve dug up some golden words of wisdom that will have you running to your own grandma asking her for her relationship advice.

Linda, 55, from Chicago, gave us these four cardinal values of love,“Communication, respect, compromise and a forgiving heart.” She stated, “I’ve been in a relationship for 14 years and there has been some really rough times that without forgiveness and compromise, we would not have made it. You see, your generation has a problem with selfishness, and that’s why y’all have a problem with maintaining long lasting, HEALTHY relationships,” she exclaimed. “Your generation thinks love is about money, popularity, status and sex, but when love is REAL (stated this loudly) those things don’t matter!”

We also found the grandma that made headlines on Twitter with her sassy, straight-forward relationship advice. Well, we didn’t literally find her, but we did find the video where she gave us her words on love and relationships: (Grandma Gives Advice on Relationships)

Photo Credit : http://www.thepro.org 01/16/2017

We then took our talents to Dublin, Ireland and discovered an amazing video of older couples giving relationship advice. So we didn’t really go across the country, but this video will take you there and show you that love is universally the same! It’s a must watch: (Relationship Advice from Older Couples by GiftsDirect.com)


Here’s a couple of quotes from older men we interviewed that made our hearts flutter and made our minds work:

“Love is easy, it’s the relationships that require all the work. But when it’s really love, it’s really all worth it…”. -Ben, 57, Chicago.

“Well you have to know what love is to actually love someone. Love is everything that’s not selfish, everything that’s not hate, everything that’s not prideful. The sad thing is these are the three things this new generation has problems with, which is why you all don’t know how to love each other”. -Kevin, 60, Wisconsin.

You see, our elders have the keys! The keys to love and healthy relationships. So if you’re lucky enough to have your grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, or any older person that you look up to, take the time out to ask them for their advice on love. We guarantee that you will laugh, probably shed a few tears, and leave with a few golden words of wisdom that will stick with you forever.

Written By: Kahina Ray

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