When Mommy Can’t Fix It: Caring for a Terminally Ill Child

photo credit rec'd 8/12/14 PCAV Link: http://pcav.org/circle-of-parents/
photo credit rec’d 8/12/14 PCAV Link: http://pcav.org/circle-of-parents/

As a child, a hug or a kiss from your mom could mend everything from a scrape on the knee to a tough day at school. As a loving parent, your overall mission is to fight that boogey man, soothe a sore throat or wipe a runny nose to make it all better. Unfortunately, for some parents the stresses of the hospital go far beyond a cold or a broken leg because they spend their days comforting their precious children as they endure the symptoms and side effects of treatable conditions, and in some cases, terminal illness.

Is There Life After Caring for A Terminally Ill Child?

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Below you will find ways to cope with your emotions and make the best of this emotional journey for your entire family.

Come to terms and make peace with your diagnosis. It may seem hard to swallow, but acceptance is the most important part of growth for the both of you.

If you’re afraid to accept your new reality, then how can you expect your child to do the same? Depending on the age and maturity of your child, you may be faced with tough questions and finding appropriate answers. Regardless of their age, he or she craves your love, comfort and support.

You may feel alone but you are far from it. If you fear the scrutiny or judgment by your closest family and friends, there are tons of support groups (whether in person or online) filled with parents and caregivers who share your every feeling. In fact, talking to others may give you the strength to tell your inner circle.

If his or her condition is treatable without a cure, be thankful. Believe it or not, there are tons of parents who dream of being in your shoes because their terminally ill children are kept comfortable with a limited window of time.

photo credit rec'd 8/12/14 Autmont Link: http://www.autmont.com/2011/05/parent-support-group.html
photo credit rec’d 8/12/14 Autmont Link: http://www.autmont.com/2011/05/parent-support-group.html

 For those of you who are enduring the road of a terminal prognosis, keep away from the clock, cherish every moment and make the most of it.

The Mommy and Me Time Capsule. While most of us are digital with folders and albums over a tablet or laptop, others may opt for a plastic bin or a shoe box. Your time capsule should include pictures of your closest family and friends, candy wrappers, magazine clippings, posters, a memory card with a story and more for every item that you place in the box.

Written by Latoya Hoyte

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