Trevor Noah Sits Down With President Obama

Photograph. Comedy Central. Trevor Noah, Obama Interview. 12/14/2016. Retrieved via
Photograph. Comedy Central. Trevor Noah, Obama Interview. 12/14/2016. Retrieved via—barack-obama-full-interview

Trevor Noah got the opportunity to reveal post-presidential details with none other than Barack Obama himself during an interview Monday morning.

“Here’s a quick question I have for you off bat…” Noah asks, “the incoming administration seems to be making a complete 180 on a lot of your major initiatives. So climate change, Donald Trump and his team are going the other way…Immigration, they’re going the other way… Do you think this changes your post-presidential public life? Does this change who Barack Obama is once he leaves the white house?”

President Obama explains that of the issues that exist, it would be up to the new president-elect to acknowledge the issues and to deal with them. Changing the way of the federal government is a hard job, but for Obama, those days are approaching an end as he takes on a different role.

As President Obama’s term comes to a close, he alludes that he still has much to look forward to. But, that also after serving eight years as President, he looks forward to the relaxation probably the most:

“It is important for me to recharge…I think it is important for me to reflect. It is important for me to get back in my wife’s good graces and take a decent vacation and spend some time with her.”

He adds:

“I’ll do some writing and speaking but what I have said is that I’ll be paying attention…I’ll be a citizen of this country that I love deeply.”

Watch the interview for yourself:

Written By: Plychette Montgomery

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