Traveling Black: 3 Black Owned Travel Companies To Help Your Wanderlust

The Davis Family in Macchu Pichu. Retrieved August 16, 2016 from
The Davis Family in Macchu Pichu. Retrieved August 16, 2016 from

It’s travel season, but then again—when is it not? If you’re planning a trip and are in need of tips and accommodations, or simply want to connect with other Black travelers while documenting your own adventures, check out one of these Black-owned travel companies. Support businesses that value your experiences and your Black dollar!

  1. Henderson Travel: Are you thinking of visiting the motherland and going back to your roots? If so, Henderson Travel is the company for you! Founded by Freddy and Jake Henderson in 1955, Henderson Travel was the first full-service, Black owned travel company in the United States. It is run today by their daughter, Gaynelle Henderson-Bailey, who continues to encourage African travel, but the company offers international tours throughout the world.
  1. Nomadness Travel Tribe & TV: Half virtual travel community, half web-series, Nomadness was one of the first of its kind. Members can talk all things travel through the forum, plan group excursions, arrange domestic and international meet-ups and of course, brand themselves as members of the “Tribe.” Founded by Evita Robinson as a way to record her own international travel experiences, Nomadness now boasts a membership of more than 13,000 travel junkies.
  1. Up in the Air Life: If you’re a traveler who likes to live luxuriously, this is the company for you. Owned and staffed exclusively by people of color, the company offers tours to countries that comprise the African diaspora, including Haiti, Brazil and Colombia. Founded by Claire Soares, the self-proclaimed upscale travel company is geared toward working professionals who “enjoy the finer things in life.”


Written by: Aria J. Goolsby, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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