The New Gel Manicure

Well I believe the beauty Gods have answered our prayers ladies! This new type of gel manicure is a healthy alternative to the Shellac gel manicure as well as the acrylic manicure. It’s called the SNS manicure, which stands for Standard Nail System. This new type of manicure has recently become hugely popular in local nail salons. It requires no UV light to dry and minimal filing of real nails. Could this new gel manicure replace shellac and acrylic? Let’s check out why this healthier alternative may be the next best thing to hit the beauty world.

SNS - [} N.D. 5/28/16
SNS – [} N.D. 5/28/16
Two minute drying time with no UV light– With all the talk about whether or not the UV light is safe, this alternative manicure alleviates the worry, tightness, and heat.
No thick nails! – The new gel manicure doesn’t come in liquid form, all the colors come as a powder. Minimal filing is done to your real nails and the powder feels very light weight like your natural nails, unlike shellac, which can feel thick.

Powder has vitamin E & calcium to strengthen natural nails– Just another reason why the SNS manicure is a healthier alternative, it simply improves your real nails rather than damaging them.

The SNS manicure comes in just as many colors as the gel shellac, but in powder form. This alternative also may be pricier than the other options but sounds like it could be totally worth it. Give it a try at your next nail salon visit.

By: Shannon Lockhart

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