The New All Natural Soap You Need in Your Life

Straight out of the DC-Maryland-VA area, there’s a new, all natural soap that you need to try, especially if you’re into using all natural, organic, hygiene products.

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Founded by three Midwest barbers that all ironically attended Howard University at the same time, Chaun Tucker, LaMont Russell and Will Koehn, Greauxph is a hair and body soap company that integrates all natural ingredients and convenient grooming into the habits of people everywhere. The word “greauxph” comes from the word “growth,” meaning perpetual progress and positive change. The spelling stems from the creators’ distinctive cultures, consisting of Creole roots and beginnings in their hometowns of Detroit and Chicago.

Now, this isn’t your ordinary “natural” soap. Often times, such products can be less appealing in fragrance, maybe even smelly, and less lather effective. To top it all off, natural soaps can provide less product than your normal soap. However, the Greauxph Hair and Body Soap Brikx is the complete opposite, weighing in at about three times more product than the average. Handmade from a coconut oil and Shea butter base, the soap lathers very nicely – just like Dove or any other common soap you would find in a retail store – leaving your skin smooth and clean without that annoying squeakiness feeling. Key ingredients, such as tea tree oil and Vitamin E, will not only soothe and moisturize the skin, but also relieve dandruff, build protein to help hair grow, and have been known to improve body acne, eczema, and other ski conditions. It’s also perfect to keep in your bathroom as hand soap and may add a nice aesthetic to your decor. Not to mention, it will last you forever!

Photo Credit: [Retrieved: January 19, 2017].
The Greauxph brand is meant to evoke the change and progress the company vows to uphold in its industry and communities.

“Chaun and Will came up with the name back in Detroit when they were talking about being good barbers that wanted to keep uplifting their field and community. They wanted to see constant growth. Over time, a lot of ideas were developed, but Chaun came up with the hair and body soap,” said Russell, who is the executive director of  the company. “When i got into the mix, I wanted to develop the brand and help us make a business out of it all, which we launched in September 2016.”

The Greauxph Hair and Body Soap Brikx is available for $12 at

Written By: Chey Parker, Editor in Chief

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