The Glow Up: 5 Beauty Products That’ll Step Your Beauty Game All the Way Up

It’s 2017 and time to take your make up looks to the next level. A little goes a long way and with these five products, you’ll have perfect foundation, dazzling eyes and the perfect glow all year.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation – $48.00

Photo Credit: [Nars Weightless Foundation]. (N.D). Retrieved January 3, 2017 from
This foundation gives my skin so much life. The thing I love most about it, is that it gives me medium-full coverage and is very lightweight. I made the transition to this option from NARS HD Liquid Foundation, which provides fuller coverage, but seemed to fade away from my skin tone by the end of the day. The NARS Weightless foundation brings out the best of my skin, leaves it feeling moister than usual and lasts all day, without powder.

Individual Mink Lash Extensions or Strips – $4.99

Photo Credit: [Ardell Lashes]. (N.D). Retrieved January 3, 2017 from,default,pd.html
Lashes really do have a way of brightening the face and just adding oomph. Consider lash extensions if you are low on time, work out often oro find strip lashes too troublesome or difficult to apply.

Anastasia Brow Pomade – $18.00

Photo Credit: [Anastasia DipBrow]. (N.D). Retrieved January 3, 2017 from
I’m horrible with the brow pencil and never get it to last as long or look as natural as I would prefer. The Anastasia Brow Pomade is a cream-based brow liner, which you can apply using an angled liner brush. It goes on smoothly, and has a variety of shades to choose from, so that your brows won’t be too dark or unmatched.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops – $42.00

Photo Credit: [Cover FX Drops]. (N.D). Retrieved January 3, 2017 from
I use two drops of this with a sponge to highlight my cheekbones and center of my nose. It makes my skin look supple and radiant all day long.

Sephora Airbrush Blush – $20.00

Photo Credit: [Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Blush]. (N.D). Retrieved January 3, 2017 from
The spray airbrush application leaves my cheeks looking rosy without over-coloring. To apply, hold the spray can six to 12 inches from your cheeks and hold for one to three seconds. If you apply too much, you can use a light fan brush to distribute.

Written By: Montrelle Green



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