Staying Fit for Summer Sixteen

nike-2013-kadin-6For the summer of sixteen, our indoor/outdoor trends in fitness, gadgets and exercise are tech-savvy, inventive and intense. Whether you work alone or enjoy burning calories with your besties, below you will find three of the hottest workout trends for the summer and one for a girl’s day at the gym.


Hitting the Barre.  This class is dedicated to the retired ballet dancers, cheerleaders and pom-pom girls at heart. Barre-Fusion classes are a combination of those Pliee’s (bending), Releve’s (standing on our toes) and Sauté’s (jumping) from our younger days in ballet class with an added dose of intense cardio.  Whether you danced or cheered your way through your teens and twenties or partied hard, this class provides a great way to stay in shape with levels for everyone.


Pound It Out. Pounding happens to be one of the hottest fitness trends for the summer sixteen. This particular exercise, involves pounding two foam-covered drumsticks (known as Ripstix) to the ground. To put it simply, it’s a combination of intense cardio/aerobics with stick action. If you reside in the big city, this new and improved stick fight is probably on the way to your local gym and if you’re outside of the city limits, it’s available online for purchase at Pound fit.


Ugi-Oh. The Ugi Ball happens to be a cross between those dreadfully heavy medicine balls and a beanbag with the touch of a beach ball.  It’s light enough to carry and strong enough to provide you with a healthy dose or core training and cardio.

Woman riding bicycle in spin class.
Woman riding bicycle in spin class.

Group Spinning. In this day and age of Fit-Bits and apps to track your daily footsteps, it should come as no surprise that your spins can be tracked on the web. Group classes require that you and a few friends compete against other groups simultaneously. By the end of the session you and your team will successfully burn hundreds of calories and the group with the highest output are the winners.

As the summer approaches, there are endless ways to stay in shape. Whether you go as a group or you enjoy working solo, burning calories can be fun and enjoyable.

If you’re not into workouts, at least go for a nice daily walk and be sure to get some sun.

Written By: Latoya Hoyte

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