Sex Sells: Bedroom Kandi Convention Kicks Off In Atlanta

Kandi Burrus Tucker at Bedroom Kandi Convention. Retrieved August 19, 2016 from
Kandi Burruss Tucker at Bedroom Kandi Convention. Retrieved August 19, 2016 from

Everybody knows that sex sells! In the midst of our seemingly oversexed lives, we’ve become unattached from the beauty, the intimacy, and the love that should be shared in this connection. How do we get back to a true love for sex? Well, it has come from one of the strangest places. A Grammy award winning music artist and Reality TV mega-star, just to name a few of her accolades, has been charged with the goal of bringing humanity back to the bedroom.  Kandi Burruss and her Bedroom Kandi line have been a phenomenal hit to the mainstream sex toys and sexual enhancements industry.

An idea born out of the need to find accompanying products for her Kandi Koated Nights late night internet show. The innovative entrepreneur came across a billionaire, who made a vast fortune from sex toys. Thus the emergence of the Bedroom Kandi, and since has swarmed the sex industry by storm.  “I wanted to move sex toys from being taboo and pornographic; such as the toys with vulgar packaging sold in most online stores, to something classier and more sexually healthy, proclaimed Burruss.

Bedroom Kandi Convention. Retreved August 19, 2016 from
Bedroom Kandi Convention. Retrieved August 19, 2016 from

Now, the record sales could have been enough for the entertainment guru, but the need to empower people from all walks of life led her to encourage her Bedroom Kandi consultants to not only to sell but to reach for the stars with their goals. So as the 2016 Bedroom Kandi convention kicked in Atlanta, the theme of breaking through fears ran throughout as the “WHY” stories took center stage. The “WHY” stories were the moving testimonials of women and men who stepped out on faith to venture into a life of sales with Bedroom Kandi. Some consultants using their sales positions not only as a form of financial freedom but as a ministry to heal sexually abused patrons, finding a new intimacy inside of sexual relations. One story of “Why” comes from top Atlanta seller Tracye Hamler, who was looking for more finances before the retirement of her husband from the workforce, and son afflicted with a severe medical disorder, found a sweet spot with Bedroom Kandi.

“I was shaking when I saw the initial kit price for selling Bedroom Kandi. I wanted to make money, not lose money! Little did I know I would make my investment so many times over, Bedroom Kandi hasn’t only provided me with extra income but has changed my lifestyle. –T Hamler

These “Why” stories are just the icing on the cake to a very sweet financial future that comes only with entrepreneurship. To that end, if you are looking to increase your finances, confidence, and just plain old outlook on life, indulge in the decadent treat we know as Bedroom Kandi.

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Written By: Sabreen Shabazz-Straker, Modern Domestic, Contributing Writer

Photos by: Bedroom Kandi

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