Product Review: Swirl + Sparkle Hand Poured Brush Cleanser

Product Overview: “We all know we NEED to clean to clean our makeup brushes; we just don’t want to”. Swirl + Sparkle has taken what is typically a tedious task and has made it so simple. It’s an organic solid makeup brush cleanser that magically melts makeup residue, dead skin, oils, and bacteria rights off of your brushes. (Available at Price range: $3.99 -$49.99)

Photo Credit: [Brush Cleaner] (N.D.) retrieved on 8/23/2016 from
Photo Credit: [Brush Cleaner] (N.D.) retrieved on 8/23/2016 from
EWG/Think Dirty Rating: This information could not be located. Possibly because it’s a new product; however, the major of the products are used in the formulation are natural.

I had the pleasure of meeting the founder and owner of Swirl + Sparkle, Marii Lang, at a beauty event in Chicago. She was humble and had a passion for all things organic. I was eager to try a sample of Swirl + Sparkle because of her professional approach and openness to product feedback. Her story: She is a self-proclaimed DIY queen, making everything from dresses to handbags. She was searching for her next project, something beauty related that was all-natural and chemical-free, when she created Swirl + Sparkle. Fueled by the dread of washing her own makeup brushed, she decided to develop a cleansing formula that was all-natural, gentle, water saving and convenient.

First Five: 1.) Goat’s Milk 2.) Glycerin 3.) Coconut Oil 4.) Palm Oil 5.) Oat Conditioner

Impressions/Reactions: Ok…so the product actually looks like candle wax or lip gloss. To be honest I was skeptical if this “organic cleanser” was any different than soap, but the sample was free so I gave it try. I damped my brush and the product (per the instructions) and began to “swirl” the brush directly on the product. Immediately, you can see the product drawing all of the impurities out of my brush. After about 3 swirls and rinsing with warm water, my makeup brush was squeaky clean. The integrity of the brush was also still intact. This is important especially if you spend a lot of money on makeup brush; standard soap can be too harsh, striping the brushes, and causing them to be hard. My brushes also dried faster than with soap and water. Overall, I was happy with the product, but I am not “grieved” enough by brush washing to spend more than $3.99 on the product.

Do You Recommend It: If you have a passion for the organic and hate washing your makeup brushes then this product is for you. It actually does work as advertised!

Hearts: 3

Written By: Chimere Brown

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