OWN Picks Up “Livin’ Lozado” and “Flex & Shanice” for Season 2!

Alexanders [Photograph] Retrieved on 1/26/2016 from sophisticatedrelations.com
Alexanders [Photograph] Retrieved on 1/26/2016 from sophisticatedrelations.com

Good news OWN watchers! The network has renewed Flex & Shanice and Livin’ Lozada for a second season! The viewers obviously fell in love with the Alexander family; between the couple’s transparency on real life issues and the kid’s sibling rivalries, the family serves 100 percent realness. As for Evelyn, the viewers fell in love with her years ago on VH1 and obviously can’t get enough of her essence either. The network has ordered eight more episodes for each show. Both shows broke records debuting on the Winfrey network and the finales of each show ranked the top two scripted season finales in OWN history among women 25-54.


The additional episodes of Livin’ Lozado will continue to follow Evelyn and her 22-year-old daughter, Shanice, as they leave the shimmer of Hollywood and head to their home in Arizona. It’s L.A. Dodger’s Carl Crawford’s off season and he’s taking the family away.

As for Flex and Shanice, the show follows their lives as husband and wife, one who acts and one who sings. No details on the story line for the season, but if you’re married with kids, you know to expect a whole lot of anything! Make sure you tune in for the latest seasons on OWN!

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