Nicki Minaj’s Barbie Mansion Gets Vandalized!

Nicki Minaj’s Instagram @nickiminaj, retrieved 2-3-17

The internet broke when Nicki and Drake debuted a picture together on Wednesday. Their reunion caused a series of different emotions amongst their fans. The initial meeting was encouraged by Young Money’s President Mack Maine. After the public spotted Nicki with Lil Wayne during an NFL segment last month, Drake reportedly called Mack Maine, immediately wanting to wave the white flag and call in a “peace summit” in Miami.

However, while they were enjoying each other’s company and reigniting their friendship, Nicki’s Los Angeles Barbie mansion was vandalized and ripped apart. According to law enforcement, the suspect or suspects knocked over and destroyed valuable items including furniture, picture frames and perfume bottles. They also ripped and shredded the majority of her wardrobe. Ultimately, they escaped with $200,000 worth of items and jewelry.

Authorities reported force of entry, citing that evidence showed various places around the house being forced open. Investigators told TMZ the damages suggested the break in was personal and the culprits left the mansion “totally trashed”.  Police are now seeking surveillance footage in an effort to identify the suspects.  Nicki’s team reported the burglary earlier this week while she was out of town. Queen Nicki seems to be unbothered, especially by the tweets she shared in the past few days.

Knowing Nicki, she’s likely working on some good new music to tell us her story, especially in light of her recent break up with Meek Mill.

Written By: Ashley Nicole
Instagram: @x__Anicole

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