New Year Decor Do-over

Happy New Year and it’s time for what? A Change! Everyone is all about bringing with them nothing but good vibes and positivity into 2017. However, if you wanna make sure that positivity extends past January and onward, consider redecorating your home with some brand new inspirational colors to keep those good vibes flowing. Here’s 5 Color Decor Designs to try out.

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1) A Touch of Green

Since we’re going with the theme of “new year, new me”. Green has nice, zesty feeling to it that inspires new beginnings. Not only that, if you’re into bringing the smells, sounds and vibes of nature into your home, this is also a perfect color to have in your home for the new year. You can purchase Zulu sofas, accent chairs or even smaller accents like plants with this color to add a nice bubbly feeling into your home.

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2) A Little Bit of Pink

With this color you can bring in some natural light into the room, in turn, bringing your home a nice glow that will put you in a good mood all year round. If you wish you can paint your walls this color to keep that nice feminine touch in your home or bring in some furniture like a dining chair and or curtains to accentuate the natural light that shines in your home.

3) Lovely Light Blue-Green

This color adds some tranquility into the air, bringing a nice calm into your home. If you’re looking to be more centered and composed this year, this is your color for this year. You can purchase or create some furniture with this color or you can paint your walls in your office with this color to bring you some sanity into your professional life as well as your personal.

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4) Beautiful Grey

For the introverts dabbing into the color scheme ideas for the new year, you can start off with this color to get acquainted. This color will add a nice calming tone for those not too much on the social side. This color works well with other bright toned colors to add a little bit of joy into your lives. Table tops and bed frames with this color work well to add a little bit of composure into the room.

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5) Bright-Yellow

This other bright and bubbly color will also add a little sunshine into your life for the new year. This color works as a great accent color to put into your home, you can add tables, chairs or even smaller pieces like flowers to make your home pop. You can probably add this color to your mineral grey colored walls to give that nice composed but lively feel in your home.

Written By: Dominique Williams, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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