Never Stop Learning Your Mate

In the beginning, the relationship is all fun and giggles. Getting to know someone is the first of many honeymoon phases during a relationship. You spend countless hours on the phone, texting and possibly emailing them to get to know them. Just the mere sound of their voice gets you excited.

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[Will and Jada]. Retrieved August 28, 2016. From
We want to believe that marriage encompasses forever, but the truth is that people change, your needs evolve, and your priorities get rearranged. As a wife, you cannot be complacent, thinking you know everything about your spouse. Take the time to find out what’s going on in his world.

Ask about his day. If anything out of the ordinary happens, you should be the first to know. Listening to him account for his day will also give you a peek into any new interests or curiosities he may have. Use his answers to plan your next date night.

Ask about his new dreams and goals. “I just want to…” He may voluntarily make statements like this, or you may have to pry it out of him. Either way, listen! When he says something like this, he is telling you that he wants something different. You could dive into this new thing together.

Ask where he wants to travel. Planning trips are fun! Don’t say you can’t afford it. Start researching costs and setting aside money to hip you and Hubs to a new place with a different culture. Discovering new things together keeps things fresh.

Ask what he needs from you. This may be difficult to hear, but you need to continue learning your mate. It’s challenging to keep things fresh in marriage, but it’s certainly not impossible. By meeting his needs, you are helping to ensure that he will not go elsewhere to get them met.

Remember, if he’s happy and taken care of, he’ll return the feeling.

Tell me a creative way you are teaching/learning your mate!

Written by: Carla DuPont Huger

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