Last Minute Winter Getaway

Who says it can’t be bikini season year-round? Of course, a white Christmas can be super exciting from time to time, but sometimes the winters are just too brutal—and just because you’ve gotten used to hypothermic winters, doesn’t mean you have to endure them every year. If you need an excuse to get away from the cold and are in search of the perfect, last minute destination, take a look at our favorite travel places that’ll leave you feeling recharged even after a short weekend!

San Juan, Puerto Rico, 12/28/2016 from Pinterest
  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Being the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan is definitely the place to be if you decide to visit the island. Its widest beach fronts the Isla Verde resort strip, known for its bars, nightclubs and casinos. San Juan’s coldest month is January, with an average low temperature of 77 degrees.
  1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Known for its 32km stretch of beaches and clear waters, Punta Cana is perfect for zip-lining, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing. The average low temperature is 77 degrees, making such activities perfect for any time of the year—including winter!
  1. Montego Bay, Jamaica. The capital of Saint James Parish on Jamaica’s north coast, Montego Bay boasts some of the most beautiful beaches with some of the clearest waters, including Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach. Montego Bay’s coldest month is January, with an average low temperature of 76 degrees, making it perfect for a winter escape.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Retrieved 12/21/2016 from Pinterest
  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. For anyone seeking warmer temperatures, but still trying to avoid sweltering heat, this destination is ideal. Cabo San Lucas’s average low temperature is 66 degrees, (about ten degrees cooler than the previously listed destinations), but it still makes for an amazing getaway for anyone trying to avoid super cold winters.
  1. Key West, Florida. Key West temperatures can drop significantly lower than the tropical destinations listed above, but, even still, the city has a record low of only 41 degrees. If you catch Key West during forty-degree temperature—which is unlikely even in the winter—it isn’t exactly escaping the cold weather, but it sure is better than snowy days and negative-degree temperatures.

Written By: Aria J.  Staff Writer, Modern Domestic

Instagram: @AriaJ.G

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