Insurance 101: Finding The Right Health Insurance For You


Health insurance is a pertinent aspect of medical care. It can be obtained publicly through Medicaid for those in dire need, Medicare for those 65 years and older, or privately through your job. There are many types of health insurance that is available to the public with a variety of premium (money paid) options.

Health Insurance is important for several reasons other than offsetting high medical bills. With health insurance, one gets free preventative care which is vital such as some checkups, screenings and vaccines even before your deductible is met. Also, insurance coverage prevents you from paying penalties associated with marketplace plans. Most importantly, having health insurance limits the burdens on family members and loved ones and facilitates care in a timely manner.

Below are tips to help with finding the right insurance for you, including health care reform and how it affects you:

For more information regarding healthcare and current government regulations, please contact your local health care provider.

Written By: Sasha-lee Moodie, EGL Wellness

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