I’m Married and I Don’t Like My Husband

Guess what? Disliking your husband is completely normal. Can we be candid here? People enter into marriage so excited, thinking that when the going gets tough, all they have to do is sprinkle some of those magical vows to make their relationship better. All of a sudden, the skies will open up, birds will sing, they’ll be happy and all of their couple issues will just dissipate into thin air. #Lies

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[Couple cooking]. Retrieved August 13, 2016. From http://pagesix.com/2014/07/09/the-best-celebrity-side-eye/#1
All it takes is for Bae to make one or two decisions that you disagree with and you start to look at him sideways. Then he handles something a little different than you think he should have and now that bright, sunny sky is a little overcast. Eventually you get to a point where you look at him with that slight side-eye and think, I really don’t like your ass right now.

It might sound crazy but it’s all totally normal! Your marriage will go through ebbs and flows where you are absolutely and passionately in love, while other times leave you wondering what you ever saw in them! Being married is saying, “I pick you for the rest of my life!” That’s huge! There is a lot of compromising on both sides as you carve room in your life for each other. The small nuances of suddenly living with someone or having to consult with them before making plans can easily seem daunting. The level of responsibility and accountability to a spouse can make you turn up your nose at them if they don’t agree with your perspective as easily as they did when you were dating.

The decisions you make, the way you think and the way you live your life affects you both. You are in it together. Is it ok not to be madly, passionately in love with Hubs every single day of your marriage? Yes. Ask anyone who has been married for any real length of time and they will agree. Is it ok not to be happy every single day of your marriage? Again, the answer is yes.

Don’t beat yourself up, but also don’t fight every battle. Believe me, he’s looking at you crazy sometimes too. If you think your marriage and family is worth it, hang in there and get back to loving on your man!

Written by Carla DuPont Huger

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