How to Give Your Man the Best Oral Sex

The art of oral is one that both sexes can appreciate, but if you’re apprehensive about giving your man a blow job then the quickest way to get over it is to stop thinking of it as a “job.” In fact, when done correctly, you’ll find that being able to take control over his pleasure will bring you some as well.

[Photo of a woman untying a man's pants]. Retrieved June 30, 2016, from
[Photo of a woman untying a man’s pants]. Retrieved June 30, 2016, from
Ladies, the thing about oral sex for men is that they want you to do it without having to be asked; similar to how you’d like him to surprise you with intimate dates and flowers without having to drop hints. Blow jobs are the equivalent to flowers for men. They love it because it’s a submissive act. Your interest in pleasing him will arouse him. The more you can convey that you’re enjoying the act, the more pleasure your partner will receive.

There are a few things to keep in mind before going down on your boo. For starters, this is about being exploratory, playful, and fun, so if you’re concerned with trying to keep it cute then this may not be for you. Your eyes watering and nose running may very well be a part of the process. Also, set limitations for yourself and some ground rules for him. If there are things that you feel uncomfortable with such as him thrusting or forcing your head further down with his hands, don’t allow him to do so. It’s all at your discretion.

When “giving head” as some refer to it, the important thing to remember is that the head of the penis should remain your focal point because it’s super sensitive; sensitivity means stimulation won’t be difficult. Not only will it be easier for you, but it will heighten his orgasm. The basics of performing fellatio is to use your hands and mouth to provide your man with the ultimate experience while being as sexy and sloppy as possible. Quit hiding under the covers…touch yourself, or let him touch you. You’re the star of the show!

The most common mistakes women make while performing oral is letting their tongue go limp and grazing the penis with their teeth. Try to be conscious of both! Avoid grazing by slowing down from time to time and keep your tongue moving. Imagine licking an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. You should start off by licking his penis the same way. It creates a steady rhythm that keeps the excitement lingering. Similar to when he’s penetrating your vagina, your mouth can bring some of those same sensations. The deeper, tighter, and wetter; the better. Your mouth has walls too, so suck in those cheeks! In terms of going deeper, gradually ease your way up and down to prevent gagging. Deep throating is something that requires practice, but practice makes perfect! If your jaws start to hurt, use your hands and tongue to please him, while giving yourself a break without actually stopping.

Ready to turn it up a notch? If you have a bullet, hold it against your cheek while he’s inside your mouth; the vibrations add to the overall experience. Changing temperatures can make a difference too. Try putting an ice cube in your mouth beforehand. Moaning and making other erotic sounds is music to his ears, no need to keep quiet. Lastly, let him finish with a bang!

How ever you decide to approach oral sex with your guy is certainly your choice; just make sure you find your groove and be unashamed when you do. In regards to the aftermath of his climax, plan it out in your mind ahead of time so that you remain smooth and sexy during the process. After all you don’t want to ruin his experience or your hard work by being grossed out by his “happy ending.”

Written By: Nyia Moore

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