Fitness Tips Sedentary Workers

With the growing trend of sedentary jobs, along came the requirement of workers sitting much of the work day. While many people enjoy not having to stand on their feet for (8) hours, sitting can have a significant impact on our health in a negative way.  There are a few ways to overcome this. Check out the tips below.

  • Skip the elevator and take more stairs
  • Park further away from the building to get in more walking
  • Go to the restroom on a different floor
  • Take periodic standing breaks
  • Schedule walking or standing meetings
  • Use an app that reminds you to take walking breaks periodically
  • Switch out your office chair for a resistance ball to help with your core area

Don’t allow a sedentary job to negatively impact your fitness journey.  Using these tips can help offset the effects of sitting most of the workday while meeting your fitness goals.  Doing things such as standing up or marching in place in your cubicle are helpful as well. Most importantly, these simple movements can have effects such as reducing blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, and ultimately waist size. Help promote fitness at your office by talking to coworkers about incorporating these tips into their workday.

Written By: Keona Hardin

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