End of An Era: 6 Skits With President Obama That Made Us Laugh

Retrieved via Instagram @barackobama on 1-18-2017

As the official days of the Obama administration wind down, we can’t help but to grab our biggest box of Kleenex and constantly picture ourselves standing in front of the White House screaming, “No, No, Please Don’t Go!” Cue crying emoji.

In addition to making endless and countless strides in American history, Barack Obama will also go down as one of the most grounded and essentially jovial Presidents we’ve ever had in office. Who else have we seen sit down with countless comedians and poke fun at their own Presidency?

Let’s just take this time to rewind to some of the most hilarious moments and skits featuring none other than Obama himself.

One of the first times we caught a full glimpse of the President’s humor was when he spoofed himself by playing ‘Obama’ in a film with Steven Spielberg:

How can we forget when Obama stopped by Jimmy Kimmel and read his own Mean Tweets aloud:

Just when you think it couldn’t get any funnier on Late Night television, Obama then slow jammed the news with Fallon:

Then, during last year’s final White House Correspondence Dinner, Obama took the opportunity to crack a couple of spot-on jokes:

Now that Obama is out of the most important job in the country, Stephen Colbert took on the task of helping him polish his resume:

One last point: Almost everyone is wondering, ‘How will Obama spend his retirement?’ The man himself gave a hilarious synopsis of what’s in store:

Barack Obama, you’ll truly be missed. Thank you for these past eight years.

Written By: Kisha Forde

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