EGL Exclusive: Married to Medicine’s Toya Bush-Harris Talks Reunion, What’s Up Next, & Much More!

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If you’re a Married to Medicine fan like I am, then you most likely love you some Toya Bush-Harris also. The wife and mom of two gives us a funny, quick-witted, tell-it-like-it-is, but yet insightful vibe whenever you catch her on camera. Off camera, the stunning beauty is even more down to earth (we didn’t know that was possible either). We spoke with the reality star and author about everything ranging from the upcoming reunion to what we can look out from her next.

EGL: We’re knee deep into season four, and in TV land, we’re technically still enjoying the airs of Hawaii. How would you say this season differed from the past three seasons?

Toya-Bush Harris: I would definitely say this season is unique. It’s unique because there were so many different things or situations happening at one time. In the past, I think we may have gotten stuck on one situation or focused on one thing happening. This season, everyone had something going on, so you got to see everyone deal with whatever it is they’re going through.

EGL: We know you’re fresh off the heels of the reunion here in New York; anything what can we expect to see?

TBH: Definitely a lot of yelling! [Laughs]. The producers had to yell at us like twenty times to calm down, because it just became a mess. I say that because it was a lot that built up over the course of four months. We all had so much to say, and the problem was that we were all trying to say it at once. But, I will say a lot of questions get answered, and you’ll even see some situations get resolved.

EGL: This season, we see the demise of relationships and even some friendships, but you seem to keep a strong and united front. What do you attribute the strength of your family to?

TBH: To be honest, I think it’s because I have my husband as such a strong support system. And, we also communicate. [Chuckles]. I know you see us go back and forth or maybe even butt heads on camera, but you know what? When you stop communicating, that’s when the problem arises. I think communication is key and that’s why my husband and I are able to have such a great bond. You always have to be positive too. I’ve always been positive, and I just don’t hold unto grudges.

EGL: Speaking of grudges, where would you say you and the other cast mates stand today?

TBH: We’re definitely in a decent place. The last episode will explain a lot that you need to know, and the reunion absolutely helped. I wouldn’t say we’re all BFF’s, but I’m definitely at a decent place with everyone.

EGL: Looking back, out of all of the seasons (including this one), is there any moment that you wish you could take back or thought to yourself, ‘maybe I shouldn’t have said that?’

TBH: That damn biscuit comment! [Cracks up.] In the moment, it just came out so fast and I know people may have taken it the wrong way. They see a snippet, and probably think something different to themselves, but the truth is, it was absolutely fine.

If you’re wondering to yourself exactly what that comment was, refer back to the dinner table recently where Toya and her husband, Eugene, were agreeing on the same point, but speaking over each other. Long story short, she just wanted him to continue eating the biscuit at the time.

EGL: On the flip side of that, what would you say you’re proudest moment has been?

TBH: I would say my proudest moment has to be really being able to declare my love for my husband. And being able to really tell him that I appreciate him. It’s one thing to tell him privately, or even with family and friends, but to get up and tell the world how much I really respect and love this man; it was such an amazing opportunity to be able to do that, and I just was proud of every second of it.

EGL: Besides being this dynamic television star and mom— you’re also an author of Sleepyhead, Go to Bed. Aside from being a mom, what else made you want to venture into children’s books?

TBH: Ever since college, I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve thought about writing a novel—anything… you name it, I’ve just wanted to write, so Sleepyhead Go to Bed came naturally. It actually also evolved from me getting such a huge response from posting my ‘Mommy Chronicles’ up on Instagram. I also figure there was no better reason than to do something that I love based on my entertaining children.

EGL: Can you tell us what’s coming up next? What should we look out for?

TBH: Well, next season, my husband and I are doing a joint pod cast. We get a lot of good feedback from our joint confessionals, and we just thought to ourselves, ‘we could really take this to the next level.’ Any other way that we can bring in an income, I say to go for it. So, stay tuned, since that’s something you’ll definitely be watching.

And stay tuned we will! Thanks Toya!

Written By: Kisha Forde

Instagram & Twitter: @kishaforde

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