EGL Exclusive Interview: Tameka Foster Raymond Chats about Jacket Collection, CULT de JOUR

Tameka Foster Raymond is a household name in the fashion industry, so it came as no surprise that the launch of her new military jacket collection, CULT de JOUR, would be an instant hit amongst your favorite fashionistas and celebrities alike. Raymond is the epitome of balancing your career and motherhood effortlessly. She wears many hats, from being a stylist to interior designer, and now, fashion designer. For years, Raymond has lent her unique fashion forward sensibility to icons such as Lauryn Hill, Usher, Patti LaBelle, Jay-Z and Ciara. 

Everything Girls Love recently caught up with this beauty and got to chat with her about her inspiration behind CULT de JOUR, her personal fashion inspiration and what we can expect from the collection in the future. The line takes a couture approach to a venerable American standard: the military issue jacket.

“I have always had a love for military style clothing,” explains Raymond when asked about the line’s inspiration. “My father would incorporate basic battle dress uniform shirts, long johns and hats into his casual style.”

Photo Credit: Tameka Raymond. [Retrieved: 2/1]
Movers, shakers and fashion risk takers, grab your pen and paper to take some notes! Raymond has some very major keys to share about being a entrepreneur, along with tips for breaking into the fashion world.

EGL: When you started your line, how did you envision it?

Raymond: When I started CULT de JOUR I envisioned everyone. I wanted to provide people with staple pieces that could take their outfits to the next level. Cult de Jour allows the person with an eye for style to play around with different techniques, and also provides the person who feels like they don’t have a fashion sense to take the plain Jane look to something chic. If you’re a person who likes to take risks with your wardrobe, this line is for you. If you are a person that likes to keep it basic, but with a hint of flare, this line is for you as well!

Tameka Raymond with models in Cult de Jour. Photo Credit: Tameka Raymond. [Retrieved: 2/1]
EGL: How would you describe your personal style and how does that intertwine with CULT de JOUR?Raymond: My personal style has always been what looks best on me. Trendy pieces are not for every body type, therefore I’ve always stuck with what looks good on me. With that being said I’ve always liked to take risks with my fashion choices and put together ensembles everyone may not, and that is the same thing I’ve done with CULT de JOUR. CULT de JOUR jackets are the staple pieces that take a risk!

EGL: Everything Girls Love is all about celebrating womanhood by providing the tools to help women find a healthy balance in life. How do you feel about being a successful female entrepreneur?

Raymond: To be a successful entrepreneur is a big deal, and to be a successful female entrepreneur is an even bigger deal. I’ve owned several business before and one thing I can tell you is [that] you can’t cheat the process. It requires hours of work, research, and sacrifices but the rewards are even greater. The life of an entrepreneur does not start off glamorous because in the beginning, it’s usually just you fighting for your dream and your spot. It’s hard to find the balance as an entrepreneur, but it’s not impossible. You may not sleep or eat during regular hours like many others, but you still have to prioritize time for yourself. As long as you still carve out time for yourself and your mind gets to rest and recharge, you’ll be able to pour more into your business than you knew you had.

Celebrities Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Nene Leakes and Kevin Hart rocking Cult de Jour. Photo Credit: Tameka Raymond. [Retrieved: 2/1]

EGL: What’s your favorite part about the designing process?

Photo Credit: Tameka Raymond. [Retrieved: 2/1]
Raymond: I like to see the design completed. The finished product is a representation of the hours spent hand selecting each patch and customizing each piece that is sent out. My favorite part is seeing all the places my jackets travel to. People wear their jackets to work, events and I’ve seen a few that have taken international trips. When I started the line, I didn’t imagine that happening, but it goes to show that you [shouldn’t] place limits on your dreams.
EGL: Where do you see CULT de JOUR in the next five to 10 years?

Tameka: Over the next five to 10 years I see CULT de JOUR expanding further as a collection. I absolutely love the jackets and would like to add more to [the] line. I also see it in more closets.

EGL: Any future plans for new designs? CULT de JOUR handbags? Leather jackets?

Raymond: I definitely have plans to expand CULT de JOUR. As a fashion designer, it’s important to stay current with the always changing trends, but one thing that will not change is the quality. I’ve always been a firm believer in quality over quantity. In terms of the exact pieces, you’ll just have to stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Tameka Raymond. [Retrieved: 2/1]

EGL: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Raymond: My advice to aspiring fashion designers would be to take the risk. Yes, you want others to like your designs as much as you do, some will and some will not. However, you have a greater chance of success by taking the risk than if you allow your design to remain on your sketch pad.
 Written By: January Jones
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  1. Can’t go wrong when a lady could make a milatary jacket look sexy. Good read January Jones .