EGL Bachelors: Meet Jao “The Silver Back Grizz” White!

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Jao “The Silver Back Grizz” White

Atlanta, GA





Jao White doesn’t mind strutting his gorgeous physique down the runway of love. Ladies, proceed with caution; they don’t call him “The Sliver Back Grizz” for nothing! Becoming an entrepreneur has caused Jao to develop into a successful model. Jao’s magnetic personality along with his heart of gold will have you feeling as if you won the lottery. If you’ve been looking for a strong, determined, gentle man, today may be your lucky day.


Why Are You Single?

“Working a lot of hours leaves little time and chance to meet a lady with substance, the one who would cause me to consider marriage. I meet a lot of women each day but I’m waiting for the one who will take my breath away mentally as well as physically.”

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses in a Relationship?

“My strengths consist of being understanding, patience and the ability to show empathy. As far as weaknesses, I could work towards being organized, investing more time and effort into a relationship and not being such a workaholic.”

What Is Your Type of Woman?

“My type of mentally would be an outgoing lady who enjoys intellectual stimulating conversations. When it comes to physical appearances it varies. “I think everything is attractive when it comes to a woman. Her emotions, femininity, softness, body, eyes, lips, thighs– you name it. Inside beauty is what matters most to me when getting to know a woman. A woman who is empathetic, patient, supportive and a good communicator is definitely a turn on for me. If she has all those qualities, then I know she is going to have the most important one which is being understanding.”

What Do You Think is the Key to a Successful Relationship?

“I think the key to a successful relationship is communication without judgement. I would have to say that talking and expressing myself have become important to me. Without communication there’s no sensible way to work through problems or come to a resolution.”

What is Your Opinion Concerning the “90 Day Rule?”

“I love the 90 day rule idea. Honestly, I believe if intimacy happens too early in a relationship, it can end just as quick as it started if not treated with respect. If I could do it all over again, I would most likely wait until I was married to have sex.”

What is Your Idea of a Perfect Date?

“My idea of a perfect date is doing anything or going anywhere; as long as it’s real.”


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Written By: K. Kares

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