Every Day He’s Hustling: How to Date a Workaholic

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Women are attracted to successful men. Stability, next to love, is what we desire. If you can hang in there long enough to support your man through his grind, you are bound to reap the rewards. When you find that you’re dating a workaholic, utilizing these tips will not only help you to keep the peace, but also strengthen your relationship.

  1. Respect The Grind – Don’t knock the hustle, meaning don’t limit your man’s potential to be successful. Instead, try to be understanding of his vision and goals and get involved. Two heads are better than one. Focus on being helpful and understanding not critical. Besides, standing next to every successful man, is a supportive woman.
  1. CommunicationExpress how you feel without nagging or interrupting his grind. You can catch more bees with honey. Bringing your man lunch or leaving a short “I miss you” message on his voicemail will definitely get his attention. Remember it’s not what you say, but how you say it.
  1. Be Flexible – When your workaholic finally decides to come up for air, you need to be prepared to adapt to whatever fun adventure he has in mind. As soon as those spontaneous circumstances arise, have fun and maximize your time together. Be creative and open-minded about date night.
  1. Role Play – Give your man a reason to take a break. Send flirty text messages or seductive pictures as reminders of what is at home waiting for him. Don’t be afraid to show your sexy, feminine side. Be his fantasy and lure him away from long hours of grinding.
  1. Patience is a Virtue – Remember, the time will come when all of his grinding will pay off. “Work hard to play hard” is one of the best quotes to support this ideal. Being patience is important because success doesn’t happen overnight. But when it does, you and your boo will be extremely satisfied.

Everyone wants to live life to the fullest, but without putting in the work you will be just living life. A workaholic certainly knows how to make the money; so it’s your job to help him live! There are many ways to successfully date a workaholic, but first, get on the same page and map out mutual life goals. Once you do that, each of you will know your specific role, and play your part accordingly. Good Luck!

Written By: K. Kares

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  1. Wow maybe this will work for me whenever I choose to settle down again. This article is awesome!

  2. Women need to take hold of this information like YESTERDAY. I am a workaholic simply because I am young. I truly don’t like being tied down because of the nature of my business. I’m a licensed real estate agent and if you know any, then you know that they must be pretty flexible. Time is very precious to me and I know that if I don’t leverage it properly then it can be the difference of me eating steaks and shrimp or chewing my fingernails for a mid day snack. Again thanks for that article.

  3. Every man or woman needs to respect their significant other’s hustle or grind. Patience and understanding is the important. However, in everything communication is the key!

  4. Excellent piece it does take a lot to be with a workaholic and the advice given here is a great start.