Control This New Sex Toy With Your Smartphone!

Being in a long-distance relationship can be tough on a couple, but abstaining from sex can be even harder–no pun intended. Many times you’re longing for morning kisses, breakfast in bed and spontaneous date nights, but the most challenging part of being away from your partner is the lack of sex. Phone sex gets boring after a while, and so does sexting and old videos. So there’s no better way to keep things fresh than by introducing new gadgets that help you come alive in the nighttime!

Lovense is a pair of sex toys that can be controlled wirelessly by using your internet connection. It senses and moves to your lover’s movements. Using their smartphone app, you can control your partner’s toy right with your cell phone. Simply have your partner download the app and within minutes, the fun will begin.

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That’s right ladies, whenever you move your toy, your partner’s toy moves too! Their male toy (Max) and female toy (Nora) are both made from high-quality materials and are designed to give you pleasurable sensations that are controlled using your bluetooth wireless connection. So no matter how far you and your partner are from one another, you can always please each other. With long-distance interactivity and wireless remote controlLovense will move to any music you like and can make virtual sex more romantic.

Virtual sex toys are not just a thing of the future anymore; it’s something that’s well within our grasp. Interested? You can purchase any of the exciting Lovense products by ordering from If you’re looking to make it a team effort, try Max and Nora for only $190.00. Nora can be purchased for $99.00 and Max for $99.00. The technology for remote sex toys like these is called teledildonics, and they guarantee your Skype sex will never be boring again!

Written By: Tamara U. Butler

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