Book Review: The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love

IMG_0137“God is at the core of The Wait, you’re doing all of this to give him room to work in your life”, pg 240.

In The Wait, married power couple Meagan Good and Devon Franklin share their recipe for finding true love, and the life you desire. Meagan and Devon shocked the world when they publicly admitted that they were celibate until marriage. They have been inspiring men and women all over the world to wait until marriage to have sex. The book they co-wrote has given a practical guideline on how to be celibate until marriage, on how to date, and also how to let the practice of waiting affect every part of your life. Developing discipline in your sex life helps you to also develop discipline in your career, your finances, emotional life, and spiritual life. This book is truly a must read and have become a must have.

The Wait always produces results so let’s see how we can learn from waiting.

  1. “One of the keys to practicing The Wait is giving up sex”, pg 3.

In a society where instant gratification is prevalent in all aspects of our life The Wait challenges you to wait until marriage for sex. The book is explains that sex before marriage can result in emotional turmoil, unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, and ultimately in you picking the wrong person to married.

  1. “While you wait, you’re not putting your life on hold or wasting time waiting for something to happen. Instead you’re taking all the time and attention that you’ve been projecting outward and turning it inward”, pg 11.

The Wait is to better yourself. In the book “Strategic Patience” is the term used to describe the precious time while you are waiting. The importance of being single is to realize your full potential. I know a lot of us were told we needed a man to complete us, but that statement is false. God made us complete! The goal of strategic patience is to become whole; therefore when you unite with your husband you are complete and add value to him.

  1. “Celibacy is about the mind as much as it is about the body”, pg 15.

Being celibate is not only about giving up sex, it’s mostly about having patience and discipline. Learning to be in control of your sex life, and personal desires are the true test of celibacy. 

        4. “GOD have a way of matching us up with the opportunities that align with His divine plan”, pg 73.

We tend to always want things our way. We need to let God be in control of all areas of our lives, especially our love life. It’s crazy that we would not seek godly guidance on such a major part of our life. We will be building, planning, raising kids, and sharing our life with our husbands and so we need God to help us to choose wisely.  God have the person he wants us to marry, but will we trust God or exercise our free will and satisfy ourselves.

  1. “People will eventually reveal themselves if you allow them to”, pg 174.

In the book it also gives important tips on HOW TO DATE.  Most of the time failure to communicate and jumping head first in a relationship is why most of them don’t last. Meagan and Devon give us tips on how to date while waiting. They suggest that we slow down and really get to know our mate. We should be evaluating every aspect of our partners and looking for signs to stay or signs to go.

     6. ”Be engaged as long as it takes to plan your wedding”, pg 218.

The book also says NO to long engagements. If you know this is the person God has in store for you then there is no need to be engaged for years. Your engagement should be used as time to prepare your wedding. If unsure if you’re choosing the right person then maybe you should not be engaged. All of your concerns should have been answered prior to popping the question.

  1. “You really can have the life you want if you wait on things to happen when you and God are ready”, pg 223.

Marriage is beautiful if you make all the right choices before saying I DO. I never thought about the necessary steps it took before marriage to build a solid foundation. This book has taught me communication skills, how to date, and how to be fully whole and ready for marriage.

The Wait is a lifestyle. Having discipline in your sex life correlates to discipline and patience in all areas of your life.

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Written By: Shantae Kemp

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