Bed Sex vs. Sex Everywhere Else

There are only so many ways to skin a cat. After being with the same partner for (what feels like) dog years, sex can become routine. If your sex life is screaming for something new, tonight … yes, tonight, initiate sex with your hubs in one of these places away from the bed.

The Shower

Aren’t you naked there anyway? The sensation of the water cascading on your bodies will give you both a different sensation. Aside from making clean up a cinch, you’ll have fun washing bae’s back and caressing his body. He’ll also have fun following the trails of soapy water around the contours of your body before, during and/or after you do the do.

The Bathroom Mirror

Don’t laugh. It is so sexy watching yourself have sex, especially if you have a big, long mirror. Tell bae to stand behind you and make love to you from behind. You’ll certainly be turned on watching his hands move all around the enticing landscape. If the passion is too much for you to handle standing up, the counter is there to catch your slack.

[Couple kissing]. Retrieved July 24, 2016. From
[Couple kissing]. Retrieved July 24, 2016. From
The Stairs

This setup is great for award winning oral! After you devour him as your appetizer, and *ahem* remember he likes it sloppy, make his lap your hot spot for the main course. Feel free to use the wall or banister if you need extra support, but you’ll probably lean right on in to hubby’s chest.

The Laundry Room

NO, not in the laundromat! Just tap on the rinse or spin cycle on the washing machine for vibrations that will rock your boat fa sho! This room is a good quickie spot. Next time bae is ironing, hug him from behind and rub on him until he’s ready; then just bend that thang on over for him.

The Floor

Forget rug burn, this is all about leverage. No squeaking, perfect footing and a wide range of movement. Goin’ and show him how you ride it better than anybody else.

The Couch

This is the perfect spot for a Netflix and chill episode, although the opening credits may not finish before fingers begin tantalizing the skin. Use long strokes to rub up and down long stretches of bae’s body.  Let the slow build-up lead to an intense passion play.

The Table

If you’re into whipped cream, fruit, ice and chocolate sauce, then this is your domain. Get as messy as you want. Clean-up will be easy; he’ll lick it all off of you. Laying on your back, hang your bum slightly off the table with your legs over his shoulders for the amazing butterfly position and hold on tight.

Are you already thinking of ways to keep the passion going after tonight? Just tell him the nicer he treats you outside the bedroom, the naughtier you’ll continue to be behind closed doors.

Written By: Carla DuPont Huger

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