Anal Adventures: Why Some of Us Prefer Backdoor Intimacy

We all have that “thing” when it comes to sex that must be done to fulfill our sexual pleasures. For some, it might be the norm such as cowgirl, a little oral, or even the traditional method, but for the rest of us, a little anal action never hurt anyone.

I know when you think of anal sex some of you begin to curl up in a ball thinking of the awkward times it just didn’t go right for you, but then you began to wonder how can some people enjoy it so much when you can barely get passed the beginnings stages. It gets better with time and a little lube.

One of the reasons is because it’s all about technique. If you’re dealing with someone who has no clue as to what they’re doing, it won’t work for you because they lack knowledge in how to make you comfortable with new experiences. Some might even suggest you purchase a new play toy for requests such as this, but remain persistent and let them know that you prefer the real thing even if its gets a little messy.

While we’ve all read stories of what proper procedures to take before you engage in anal adventures, others have no clue as to how much prep work goes into making this pleasure fantasy come to life. Not eating certain foods and cleaning out your bowel system can help you before your big night, or simply act as though you’re preparing for a colonoscopy can get the job done!

According to Instinct magazine, considering soluble and insoluble fibers might help aid in your quest to loving anal pleasure. Clearly, eating Mexican food during the same day might not be a good idea.

Sex can be hilarious if you ever look back on the many bloopers you’ve had before, during, or after intercourse, but the goal is to come back better than before. Bad sex is everywhere so it’s really about finding someone who can keep up with all of your wild fantasies and learning to adjust to the ones who can’t.

Written By: Tamara U. Butler

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