7 Ways to Stay Snug as a Bug & Warm All Winter

Old man winter has finally swept his way into our homes. For some, he isn’t playing fair because it’s freezing outside. But even though it may be freezing outside, that doesn’t mean our living space can’t be warm and cozy. Listed below are seven items that will help keep you and your family warm all winter long.

Beautyrest blanket. Retrieved 1/8/17 from https://www.wayfair.com/Beautyrest-Heated-Ogee-Oversized-Throw-Blanket-BR54-05-SEEP1005.html?refid=SBP.rBAjElaDkiIPR2LLbcTFApoVDDseE0B1rn5pKMzWOxc
  1. Beautyrest Heated Blanket

  Say Goodbye to grandma’s old heated blanket, and hello to this stylish Beautyrest blanket. It’s perfect for any room and instead of folding it up, you can throw it across your furniture as an accent piece. Available for purchase on Amazon.com

Hot Chocolate inspo. Retrirved 1/12/2017 from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/33777065933474646/
  1. Hot Chocolate Maker

What’s a better way to keep your family warm other than hot cocoa? A hot cocoa maker is the perfect kitchen accent and your family will love it! Enjoy a cup or two with the kids or cuddled up with bae while watching a movie. Available on Amazon.com

Portable fireplace. Retrieved 1/8/17 From https://www.pinterest.com/pin/431853051753766203/;
  1. Portable Fireplace

This portable fireplace is the perfect accent for any room, and the best thing is, it will keep your rooms warm and you can save on your light bill. Available at local Lowes and Home Depot stores.

Faux fur blanket. Retrieved 1/12/2017 from pinterest.com
  1. Faux Fur Blanket

Add this faux fur blanket to your bed to keep you extra warm at night if you regular bedding isn’t enough. Available at most home stores and on Amazon.com

Rope caulk. Retrieved 1/12/2017 from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/101964379037536055/
  1. Self Adhesive Rope Caulk

Caulk those cracks in your windows that are letting that unwanted cold breeze in from outside. Cracked windows usually occur in older homes and prevents the home from getting warm, resulting in you raising the heat to compensate for it. They’ll definitely hurt your pockets when that electricity bill comes in. To find out which windows have air seeping in, simply stand near the window and check if you feel any cold air coming in. Available on Amazon.com

Heated Holders. Retrieved 1/8/17 from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/208643395210864086/;
  1. Heated Socks

Grab a pair of heated socks for the entire family and stay cozy throughout the house. Warm feet make a whole lot of a difference, especially on those cold winter nights! Available at Amazon.com

Plug and play space radiotor. Retrirved 1/12/2017 from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/364932376040758377/
  1. Space Heaters

 A space heater is perfect for keeping a room cozy, however, use it at your own discretion. Available at your local Walmart Supercenter or at Amazon.com.

This winter visit doesn’t have to be an expensive one! If you try out the above suggestions, you can defeat the cold inside your home without having to pay an outrageous electricity bill.


Written By: Johnakeshia Thompson, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic www.Johnakeshia.com
Instagram: @The_Style_Spy

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