5 Sites To Help You Buy Black This Holiday Season

woman-working-computer-173417197-1You may think it’s a fad or a new trend but buying black is something you should practice doing all year around. There are over 2 million black owned businesses in the United states. African-Americans have over 1 trillion dollars of spending power but only 2 cents per dollar goes to these businesses.

Supporting small business is especially important during the holiday season. Investing in your own local mom and pop stores helps build the community and families economically. Those businesses spend their money right back into the communities they live in. Don’t forget that you don’t have to be black to buy black. It doesn’t hurt to support a community of business owners that have been unrepresented for years. Lucky for us, in 2016 majority of businesses are started online and are able to reach us from all over the world. In the end you will end up with some unique gifts that can’t be just found anywhere. Here are the top five sites for buying black this Holiday season.

  1. African American: Black owned business by Black Trade Lines This is an app that can help you search within your community for local places if you don’t want to place orders online and wait for shipping. They add more business every month. You can search for anything from services to products. You can find this on Apple or Android devices.
  2. Tinsel.me: The perfect gift for that techy in your life. Who wants big bulky headphones when you can camouflage it with Jewelry? If they love fashion, accessories, and smartphones: Tinsel has something special for them. It’s stylish, beautiful, and functional purpose. Made by women and for women-Did we mention that?
  3. Double Clutched: This Company is taking unique to another level with their handcrafted wallets, wristlets, bags and clutches. All items are hand sewn right out of Ohio and reasonably priced for what most of us pay for fashion.
  4. SPGBK Step away from the simple watches that you give every Christmas and check out SPGBK all wood watches. These are made from 100% and are sure to start the conversation wherever you go! You won’t find a watch like this in Macy’s. This is the definition of buying black.
  5. We are Onyx: Subscription services are growing more popular every day. The Onyx Box is the gift that keeps on giving . Who wants just one gift when you can get one every month. For only $25 a month or 225$ for the whole year, you can keep the gifts rolling with over $70+ worth of hair and beauty products. Tell me what woman wouldn’t love that.

At the end of the day make sure you try to incorporate some of the millions of black businesses out there into your shopping. Imagine being known as the only person that gives the best gifts around Christmas. You can also check out “We buy Black” online to search all your gift giving needs.

Written By: Deprina Godboldowww.thepriparty.com Staff Writer, Modern Domestic

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