4 Foods You Should Consider Avoiding While Traveling

Traveling is an experience that you will never forget. What can possibly ruin your vacation? FOOD! Different cultures take on different practices, which means what someone else eats may not sit well with you, literally. You do not want to go from eating a meal to being rushed to the emergency room. If you want your traveling experience to be a positive and enjoyable one, then you should consider these avoiding these 4 things while vacationing.

Photo From: HuffingtonPost.com
Photo From: HuffingtonPost.com
1. Tap Water. Drinking water is just as important as breathing air. So what does drinking water have to do with your traveling experience? Everything! Water where you live can be a lot different in other countries. Unfortunately, if your system is not use to it, it’s best to stay away from it. Contaminated water can contain pathogens that cause travelers’ diarrhea (TD), rotavirus, cholera, and a host of other diseases which tend to infect humans through water (and food). This type of contamination is common in regions without adequate water sanitation and hygienic water storage. Here is some tips to drinking outside the states safely.
  • Drink bottled or canned beverages.
  • Drink treated water. Commercial iodine or chlorine tablets provide substantial protection if used according to directions.
  • Boil your water. Boiling your water will kill off any bacteria. It is recommended to boil your water for 3 minutes.
  • Consume beverages that have been boiled, like coffee or tea.
  • Avoid Ice. Ice can be contaminated as well. Freezing ice is will not kill off any bacteria.
2. Raw fruits and vegetables. Avoid raw fruits and vegetables, if you are unsure of how they were cleaned. They may have been rinsed in contaminated tap water. Tip to eating fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid salads. Instead make sure your vegetables are cooked or steamed.
  • Eat fruits that have been rinsed in safe water. At all cost, eat fruits that you can peel yourself. The best fruits to eat while traveling are Bananas, mango, papaya and pineapples, for safety.
3. Raw Meat – Avoid meats that are not cooked. It is best to eat meat that is cooked well done.
  •  Avoid eating raw seafood, poultry, eggs.
4. Dairy Products – Avoid all dairy products that are room temperature.
  • Keep dairy products sealed and refrigerated.
  • Avoid Unpasteurized milk and milk products, especially soft cheeses
Make sure you do your research before you travel. You can enjoy your vacation time and remain healthy. Don’t let food ruin your vacation, be smart and eat safely. Have a good time!
Written by: Keke Waldon, Staff Writer,  Modern Domestic
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