15 New Years Resolutions That Will Make Parenting More Enjoyable

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We always say what we will & wont do when we have kids … but its time for us to start practicing those promises. Heres a list of resolutions we promise to keep with our kids!

  1. Resolve to Organize your life: First off, trying to do anything without being organized is a recipe for disaster. Being organized eliminates all sorts of other mishaps that can occur. Many things can be prevented if you’d just take the time to slow down and get things in order. Doing this with your kids sets the stage for what they should expect, AND what is expected of them.

  1. Resolve to start and use a family planner: Busy mom’s everywhere have a planner or two. Resolve to have one for the family where not only the mundane things of school and extra curricular activity life is entered, but encourage your children to enter things they’d like to do, family things that are outside of your norm. Use different color pens, for example: blue for school, black for extra curricular activities and red for fun. Promise to get to at least a few of the red items in each quarter of the year. Not only does this encourage the children to be creative and think outside the box, it gives them something to look forward to.

  1. Resolve to Keep your promises: After reviewing the planner and deciding on things to do, keep your promises! There’s nothing worse than seeing the disappointment on those precious faces after they’ve been expecting you to hold up your end of the bargain and you don’t.

  1. Resolve to not sweat the small stuff: So everything did not get done in one day, don’t sweat it! Resolve to leave it alone and enjoy each day with your child.

  1. Resolve to stress less: It’s very easy for people to say “don’t stress” when they’re not in your shoes. So how ’bout you decide from jump to stress less! Stressing and worrying about a situation never, ever changed one. Yes you’ll think about those things that are on your mind, but determine that you will not let that spill over into your child’s life. They don’t need to hear about everything that is worrying you or they too will worry.

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  1. Resolve to turn off to the world (and on to them): Phones down! Raise your hand if you’ve ever caught half of what your child said because you’re either answering an email, responding to a text or checking social media. We’re all guilty. Children never want to talk when it’s convenient so when they do, do your very best to give your full attention. You may miss something uber important in the process.

  1. Resolve to assign tasks to family members, then walk away: Mary is not going to clean like you do and Jack isn’t going to catch every detail like you would. Leave them alone and don’t criticize their efforts! Resist the urge to tell them where they went wrong and praise what they’ve done.

  1. Resolve to be more present: Especially with older children. Just because they are capable, doesn’t mean that you can remove yourself altogether. “My mom was always there for me and it bothered me” ….. said no child ever.

  1. Resolve to set some boundaries: Far too often working parents regularly take work home and don’t separate family life from their professional ones. Not only are they not present (see previous resolution), nothing really gets accomplished because they’re taking on more stress (which is totally against resolution number 5). Draw some clear cut boundaries that will not adversely affect your home life. If you must take work home, minimize your time and make sure your child does not suffer.

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  1. Resolve to let things go: As children mature they tend to think they don’t need to listen to their parents. Their personalities develop and sometimes you can butt heads. Whether you agree with them all the time or not, learn to let things go. Do not bring up something that they did last year or even worse, the year before and drag it into this new year. Forgive and move on.

  1. Resolve to take a step back: Having carried that baby for 9 months of your life then giving birth automatically qualifies you to be a smother mother …. NO it does not! There comes a point in life where you have to trust that you did an amazing job and that they retained half of your teaching.

  1. Resolve to think more like your child: Listen, we all were not born parents. We did not wake up as adults, and are not know-it-alls. Therefore, put yourself back in your child’s shoes and remember how you felt about different situations when you were that age. Think about how you felt when you’re parents acted just how you’re acting now. Moral of this resolution, parent with a heart, not an iron fist. You were there first.

  1. Resolve to put your children first in all circumstances: Let’s face it, we all say we do, but sometimes that selfishness creeps back in and we either do or are tempted to, put them over there – while we tackle what’s right here. The same way you think you can deal with the situation quickly and then get back to your child, just stop and think, How long is this actually going to take and how will my child suffer in the process? Think about that long and hard, then do the opposite.

  1. Resolve to start your day off right every day: Start some rituals …. a prayer, an affirmation, something positive and uplifting that will no doubt linger with your child throughout their day. We’re a fan of both; try it and see the positive changes it makes in your child’s life.

  1. Resolve to end your day the same way you began: You are awesome”, “I’m proud of your decisions today”, “You rock” ….. think about how soundly you sleep when you’ve received something positive just before bedtime. The end of the day is just as important as the beginning. And in nurturing the next generation, it is important to positively uplift them all the time.

Insert these resolutions into your parenting bible and have an amazing 2017!!

Written by: Joyanne Lawrence, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic

IG & Twitter: iam_joii

Blog: I Write Stuff (www.facebook.com/mymindincolor)

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