10 Fashion Trends We Loved & Hated in 2016

2016 … A year of tragic losses, an election for the history books, and some interesting fashion trends to accompany all the craziness that went down over the last 12 months. Now, let’s not get it twisted, we’re all for experimenting with new look​s​ and trying different things, but there are just​ some trends that we rather see left behind in 2016. Yes we know, fashion always repeats itself, many times in new and innovative ways, but some trends just don’t deserve that comeback.
Take a look at our favorites trends in 2016 and those we’d prefer to forget ever happened after that ball dropped!

The Fab:

Matching Choker/ Outfit Sets

The choker trend was everywhere this year, and designers across the board took it up a notch when they began to come up with all-in-one pieces complete with choker and dress attached to one another. Next came the t-shirts, then the bodysuits and soon, a hot new trend was born. The best part is, you have an entire look for the price of one! 

Flashy Over-the-Knee Boots

Over the knee boots got an extreme makeover in 2017 and honey, weren’t we here for it!? From crushed Velvet thigh highs to a sexy laceup; Over-the-knee boots became the staple piece any gal could bust out to bring any outfit to life!

The Upgraded Printed Bomber

Over-the-knee boots weren’t the only trend that got an upgrade in 2016. The bomber jacket went from military chic to fashionably fab last year! The classic look got dolled up with feminine prints, fabrics, and colors. This fun, light weight jacket was most definitely the outerwear of choice for the past Spring and Fall seasons.

Over Sized Tees

Up until 2016, oversized tees were just a trend of the past that you may have saw occasionally on someone running errands or in an 8 a.m. class. But 2016 brought back the look bigger and better than ever and this time around, it wasn’t just the fellas rocking the it. The ladies added a girly edge to the once very masculine look, adding pieces like chokers and over-the-knee boots (two of our other favorite trends) to glam up their ensembles. Add in lace up V-necks with graphics from your favorite bands and TV shows, and a couple of scattered holes and you’ve got yourself the newest trend in streetwear!

Yeezy Boost 350

The Yeezy Boost 350 were definitely the kicks to boosts Yeezy’s sneaker credibility; diverse, comfortable, and most importantly ​trendsetting! After the release of the Boost 350s in early 2016, a slew of other companies made similar knitwear kicks using neutral color tones. These were definitely the must have sneakers of 2016!

The Fails:

Neck Brace Chokers

While chokers were definitely one of the ​biggest trends of last year, there is always that select group of designers who take a trend too far. Here’s a tip ladies, if the choker is wider than 2 inches, it is probably too big for you. Yet and still, we saw chokers that literally consumed some women’s entire necks and called it fashion. Ladies, let’s leave this over-the-top trend behind in 2016, please!

Overly Ripped Denim

 A hole or two on your favorite Denim piece is cool, but your entire pair of jeans holed down to nothing but fringe and buttons is just a tragedy. Some people took the distressed denim look to a place it really didn’t have to go. We just hope the scissor happy seamstresses are taking a break this new year!  

Fur Shoes

A touch of fur embellishment may work for some ladies, but the fur shoe and slipper completely ruined the timeless fur trend. Designers like Gucci and Puma had people lining up for this shoe of the season, however we’re just happy it was a brief moment in 2016! The fur shoe had its moment and we hope to not see it again anytime soon. 

The Slip & Tee Look

The slip and tee look was very 90s and the 90s can be a very tricky decade when recreating fashion. While the trend could be edgy and fun, it wasn’t one in which you could particularly fall in love. Therefore, we think it’s perfectly fair to say goodbye to this awkward combo. It wasn’t even that great in the 90s and unfortunately, it isn’t any better now!

Overpriced StreetWear

Oh how we love some fashion forward streetwear, but the days of paying an arm and a leg for it need to be left in the past! (Yes, we’re looking at you Yeezy) Top designers across the globe ripped off young millennials all year by charging hundreds of dollars for pieces of minimal quality; all for a brand name. For our wallets sake, let’s hope the days of charging $75 plus for a t-shirt are well in the past!

 There were so many fab moments and #fails of 2016! Which trends did you love and hate?

 Here’s to a year of fabulous fashion trends in 2017! #ClicksHeels
 Written By: Dani Elle Moore
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