BOOM! There it is! Yeah, we said it. But we didn’t mean it literally. Men like variety, so if your husband has committed to spending his life loving you, either you are the Beyoncé to his Jay-Z or he just wifed you to shut you up. Hopefully, you have what was behind door number one!

Sadly, the term ‘sidechick’ has found commonplace in our society. Women don’t mind carrying on a long-term relationship with a man who is married and the men obviously feel like it’s OK, too. Well, it is not. To give your hubs a little deviation from the norm without breaking any rules, let’s spice this thang right on up.

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Of course, he married you to be his rock; his loving, nurturing companion. Keeping your marriage alive, fun and fresh may just depend on throwing in a little girlfriend treatment every now and then. Here’s some insight.

Remember Why You Chose Him

Focus on the things that attracted you to him in the first place. You know, the things that made you smile just thinking about him? Yeah, that stuff. Hone in on those and let him know that he still has it, whatever it is! Believe it or not, focusing on those things will improve the way you look at him and the way you treat him.

Avoid Criticism

Stop nagging! Stop crying! Stop nit picking every…single…thing he is doing “wrong.” As a girlfriend, you don’t bother yourself so much with what he can improve. You appreciate your time together and try to make him feel good being around you so he actually looks forward to those moments.

Surprise Him

When is the last time you noticed that he needed something and replaced or bought it for him? How about introduced him to a new experience? Jump on Groupon and find something around town for you to do together without breaking the bank. Show him that his relaxation and enjoyment is important to you.

Initiate Sex

That’s all. You start it and make it good. No, great!

Dress for Him

You don’t need to look like a supermodel, but ditch the mom jeans and beat your face a little. It’s hard juggling kids and stress at work, but putting effort into wearing that one dress that turns him on, or styling your hair the way he likes will not go unnoticed.

Tell us how you spice it up for your hubby!

Written By: Carla DuPont Huger

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