In the age of Kegel weights, special poses, and cosmetic procedures to tighten, lighten and rejuvenate your most delicate parts, Yoni eggs are making a comeback.

Believe it or not, the art of enhancing and maintaining your sexuality can be traced back to ancient times. Whether in search of perfection when it comes to your vaginal physique or simply trying to make sure that “everything snaps back” after childbirth, this incredible egg may just do the trick.

Below are a few facts, tips and tricks to the wonderful and beneficial usage of the eggs within your everyday life.

What is the purpose of the egg? By using the egg, you are simply giving your love muscle a personal trainer. The oblong-shaped eggs will tighten the muscles of your vagina over time which will hopefully, raise your confidence and improve your intimacy. It’s made of the purest stone. While some eggs are made of rose quartz or jade, others are polished egg-shaped pieces of obsidian and more importantly, it’s reinforced and smooth which means you won’t experience any sort of build up or bacteria.

So how does it work? Simply insert your egg and hold it in place with your vaginal muscles. In the beginning it may seem awkward or difficult until you get the hang of it. However, once you’ve mastered holding a “starter egg” {usually a medium or large sized egg}, you can move on to the smaller ones which force your muscles to flex and tone up in order to hold it in place.

In addition to the physical benefits, keeping your egg in place forces you to focus and concentrate. These are key components for blocking out any distractions, trauma or stressful environments at least temporarily. If you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, your special gadget may bring a sense of calm.

The egg reduces your monthly troubles and any level of incontinence. By strengthening your uterine and pelvic muscles, the cramps, bloating and fatigue experienced {during that time of the month} may be reduced by faithful use of the egg.

Try a little Yoga with your Yoni. Every source of exercise with make you stronger.

For those of you who fear it may become lodged or stuck inside, there are tons of drilled eggs that allow you to pull them out with a short string.

For more information regarding The Yoni egg please contact your local physician, hospital or health department.

Written by Latoya Hoyte
Associate Editor

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