retrieved via instagram @yogottikom
retrieved via instagram @nickiminajon 2-6-16.
retrieved via instagram @nickiminajon 2-6-16.

Nicki Minaj revisits her past beef with Miley Cyrus on the remix to Yo Gotti’s hit, “Down in the DM.” At the end of her first verse she referenced Miley saying “Kylie what’s good, I said Miley what’s good? I said could you pay my bills like O’Reilly, what’s good?” The beef between the two started when Miley was interviewed by The New York Times and said Nicki was not too kind, and not very polite. Nicki then ran into Miley at the 2015 VMAs, where Miley was hosting. When Nicki went on stage to receive her award, she surprised the crowd at the end of her speech and said “Now, back to this b*** who had a lot to say about me the other day in the press… Miley, what’s good?” Miley then claimed that the interview was manipulated.

Yo Gotti began promoting the remix with a clever Instagram video that had Nicki Minaj sending DMs of her own. He also did an interview with Instagram discussing DM hitting protocol.

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Nicki’s verse on the “Down in the DM” remix has reminded us of her untouchable girl boss delivery that we all have grown to love.

I just sit back and observe
All these n-ggas that I done curved
If it go down in your DM then baby boy, you lucky
Cause 99.9% of these f-ckboys can’t f-ck me

 Nicki lets us know, yet again, that she is indeed the Queen of Hip-hop.

Written by Rahkiya Brown


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