Instagrams @yogottikom and @kmichellemusic, retrieved 2-15-2016
Instagrams @yogottikom and @kmichellemusic, retrieved 2-15-2016

Rapper Yo Gotti has shown millions the proper way to slide in a crushes messages via social media with his hit single “Down in the DM.” Now he plans to send a serious message to the individuals of his hometown in Memphis, Tennessee.

Earlier this week, Gotti spreaded awareness to his city by sending a message through a rap ballad titled “My City.” The ballad featured fellow Memphis native singer and songwriter K. Michelle as she soulfully sings the chorus:

“Every day somebody’s killed in these streets /Whether innocent or guilty/ It’s my city ni**a/ And you don’t have to travel to another world/ Cause there’s a war zone in my city/ It’s a war zone out here /Oh Memphis, oh Tennessee/ No other place will be home for me ever /All the people, all the struggle/ In a world full of fakes my city make me a real hustler /True hustle”

Releasing this touching tribute, fans eyes were opened to a different view of the 34-year-old’s personality and his feelings towards poverty, violence, and drug abuse. Gotti raps:

“Life used to be priceless now it’s worthless/ ni**as gone on missions ain’t even worth it lil homie chill.”

With his highly anticipated album The Art of Hustle dropping on Friday, February 19th , fans are in store for one artistic album.

Check out Gotti’s track “My City” now and stay on the lookout for his album!

Written by: Chante’ Hall


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