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The gift of life is one of the most selfless acts that a mother can give a child, but due to unforeseen circumstances, many women can’t bear children. In spite of the circumstances, many women refuse to take no for answer and choose alternative ways to become a mom. There are so many options for women to consider now if they want to have children. One of those options is adoption.

IMAGE RETRIEVED BY Tionna Skipper on 9/11/2018

According to the children’s bureau, Over 800,000 children have been placed in the foster care system. Some of those children are reunited with their families and the others are left in the system. Out of the 800k children, only 60k are adopted.

IMAGE RETRIEVED BY Tionna Skipper on 9/11/2018

Celebrity Yandy Smith is the founder of a non-profit organization by the name of EGL P.U.D. This organization focus on transforming young girls into leaders. P.U.D puts on different summits at educational institutes. While attending a summit, a young teenager by the name of Infinity Gilyard life changed when she met Smith. They formed a relationship and Yandy became her mentor. They met each other when Infinity was in the seventh grade and three years later Yandy is now about to become her mother. On Aug. 16, Yandy made a life-changing decision to begin the process of adopting Infinity.

IMAGE RETRIEVED BY Tionna Skipper on 09/11/2018

“I never know how God wants to use me. Every day I’m learning how to be a better me and this new chapter is going to take a lot of learning,” Yandy Smith said.

From mentor to mother is a trending hashtag on social media platforms. If you’re interested in adopting below are some tips to help you get started.

1. Get informed. Do some research on the process and learn the different laws and regulations about adopting. Find out all of the government assistance that might be offered.
2. Sign up for a home study. You will meet with a social worker and this will determine if you’re eligible or not to adopt.
3. Your agency will then send you a referral and match you with a child.
4. Complete paperwork
5. Become a mom!
If you’re interested in adoption follow those tips and change a child’s life. You can also have an impact on a childlike Yandy has had on Infinity.
“You’ve taught me so much in so little of time and I can’t wait to be a mentor to other young ladies such as myself,” Infinity said.

Written by: Johnakeshia Thompson, Modern Domestic, Staff Writer

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