[Photograph] Retrieved via 3/13/16. Credit: Keith Major/Ebony Magazine.
[Photograph] Retrieved via 3/13/16. Credit: Keith Major/Ebony Magazine.
Buckle your seat belts everyone ‘cause were about to hit some curves: body curves that is!

Just in time for women’s history month, Ebony magazine recently revealed their latest Spring issue cover with some very voluptuous queens already in formation! Songstress and Grammy winner Christte Michelle, chart-topping singer Jasmine Sullivan, OITNB actress Danielle Brooks and fashion blogger/swimwear designer Gabi Fresh all fearlessly and confidently graced the cover showing off and celebrating their fierce curves with no apology.

So the question is: What is really like being a curvy big girl in the industry world?

According to our girl Chrisette, she stated on her twitter:

I never knew I was ‘Curvy’ until I was asked ‘what’s it like to be a curvy girl in the music industry?’ Our bodies occur to people more than they occur to us and sometimes we have to stop and sit to talk about them. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and when the issue of curves is deleted, we will all just celebrate beauty. For now, … Let’s talk about me and my girls sexy ass CURVES! I’m on the cover of @ebonymagazine!!! HALF NEKKID!!! And I’m SO PROUD!”

Well said Chrisette! And yes, though “big & beautiful” is in, it is only now slowly making its mark and being accepted in today’s fashion and entertainment world. As young girls, we were always taught that beauty is skin deep and to love the skin you’re in: meaning whether you were big, thin, tall, short, wide or slim you are beautiful. Today’s curvy women have to break down so many barriers in Hollywood, high end fashion world and even urban hip hop world who continuously use models under size 16.

Recently, Lane Bryant, the plus size clothing designer, put out an ad for their new “This Body” lingerie showing models size 16 up in sexy lingerie. However, some major television networks have chosen not to air it. But according to NBC, one of the major networks who has not yet aired the ad, state: As part of the normal advertising-standards process, we reviewed a rough cut of the ad and asked for minor edits to comply with broadcast indecency guidelines. The ad was not rejected and we welcome the updated creative.”

Supporters of the plus size brand have gone to social media expressing their thoughts on the ad, saying they see nothing wrong with the commercial and TV networks should air the ad with no issue— just like they do with competitive lingerie company Victoria Secret, who’s models are size 10 and under.

Ebony Magazine wanted to be clear with their choice for their cover this month, to not only celebrate and embrace all body shapes but to dismiss the myth that “big” always means unhealthy, unfit or unhappy.

So, cheers to all the beautiful ladies all shapes and sizes around the world. Celebrate yourself and the skin that you’re in!

By: Tiffany Hercules


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