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It was just a regular day in the neighborhood until Beyonce, as only she could, snatched our edges, wigs, lace fronts, and breath away with yet another out of the blue announcement:  Her and husband Jay Z are expecting again!

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You read that right, Yonce is pregnant!  We guess she does stay on Jay’s mouth like likka…

In a shocking Instagram post, she shared the amazing news of expecting a set of bambino’s:


We can imagine you’re sitting at your desk like…TWINS?!

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Congratulations to the Carter Family! We can’t wait to see little Blue Ivy turn into a big sister.  Whenever The Carter’s go quiet, we should know they’re about to hit us with some major news.

Now how can she just drop this bomb and expect us to carry on?  We’re trying to figure out what we’re wearing and bringing to the baby shower.

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Written By:  Tina Red


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