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It is no surprise people are overworking themselves… whether they know it or not. We live in an era where building your brand and perfecting your craft is far more important than a good night’s rest. What we fail to realize is the importance of this machine we have trained to automatically go into overdrive, and that is our bodies. Self-care is so essential to living a long, healthy, and enjoyable life.

There are five foundational aspects when considering the conditions of your self-care: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, and Psychological. With these in mind, can you think of activities and/or events to fulfill these areas of self-care? For Physical you might do yoga, practice meditation, box, take a bath, dance, do acupuncture etc. For Spiritual you might volunteer, pray, participate in church events/activities, read/study the bible, or go on a nature walk.

Self-care is extremely vital for those working in any helping profession, as they spend their time pouring into others when their glass may very well be empty. Regardless of the profession it is very easy to do too much! So we mustn’t forget that we have to be good to ourselves. Burnouts happen when people work so hard and experience high levels of stress which may result in anxiety attacks, bodily pains, constant migraines, catching a cold, or other sicknesses! All over neglecting the most important person in their life… themselves.

Something you can do to help activate practicing self-care is to make a My Self-Care Chart. In the first row entitle it What I Used To Do, and beside that will be the columns of Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Psychological, where you will bullet point things that you used to do for yourself in these areas of self-care. The next row will then be What I Do Now, and you will then list the things you currently do in the five core areas of self-care. And finally, the last row will be entitled What I Want To Be Doing, and here you should be specific about the length of time, number of times a week, alone or with other(s) etc. Creating a Self-Care Chart will provide you with a helpful visual for how you can improve your self-care while continuing all of the great work, work, work that you have to do, in the healthiest way possible.

Written By: Sarah Lauture

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