Bowie State University held a Women’s History Month seminar titled Women Change Agents that featured Love & Hip-Hop star JuJu, comedian Amanda Seales, civil rights activist Tamika Mallory, and Yandy Smith-Harris.



The empowering event gave college students a range of successful women that have worked to live without labels, boxes, or limits and inspired them to live out their dreams.

Cut throat and raw, the seminar discussed being a black woman in the industry, how to demand and understand your worth, equal rights for women, and finding your why.

“This is the year of black women finally being celebrated,” said Yandy. “ I am a woman hear me roar.”

The panel encouraged the audience to live out their dreams without the distractions of their day-to-day lives and social media while reassuring them to stay focused.

“I tell my son this all the time, sometimes you just need to put the phone down and stop looking at social media and focus,” said Mallory.

The event also discussed the early stages of starting a career with having a platform, finding your why, and finding your tribe.

“The biggest lie Drake ever told was no new friends,” said Juju. “Some of my best and closest friends today are new friends,” said Yandy in agreement.

Juju shared how she parted ways with her best friend since 11 years old recently before her birthday.

“Sometimes everyone you know can’t go to where you’re heading at the moment and that’s ok.”

Closing the event, the panel was asked what advice would they give to someone that they wish had been given to them.

“A job gets you a check and a career gives you a lifestyle,” said Seales. She shared that she made a lot of decisions within herself while trying to make her art fit in a box to please others.

“If I knew what I knew now then, I probably would have made better decisions to lead me straight to where I am now as a comedian.”

Freshman digital media arts major Mecca Bryant shared that she learned so much that she wrote an entire page of notes.

“I learned that if you’re consistent within your career and what you want to do, things will come together in time,” said Bryant.

The purpose of the Women Change Agents was to demonstrate to the young black women on Bowie’s campus that there isn’t one box they must fit into to reach their goals and to fulfill their purpose in life.

Written By: India Monee’

Instagram: @IndiaMonee


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