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Wiz Khalifa has filed a $1 million lawsuit against his former manager Benjy Grinberg and his record label, Rostrum Records. Wiz is hoping to get rid of a 360 deal he signed when he first started his career, which not only gives Grinberg money from his recorded music, but also a percentage of Wiz’s touring, songwriting and merchandising sales.

The Black and Yellow rapper signed to Rostrum Records when he was only 16-years-old back in 2004. The lawsuit is stating that his former manager and record label forced him into the agreement that “reached for more than a decade into virtually every aspect” of his professional life, instead of looking out for what was best for Wiz.

Wiz is looking to end the 360 agreement he signed under the California Labor Code’s seven-year rule, which means that artists can’t leave a contract beyond seven years from the beginning of the signing of the deal.

Alex Weingarten, Khalifa’s attorney, stated, “An artists most trusted advisor is his or her personal manager,” he continued, “Generally, nothing good comes out when the manager decides to go into business against his artist. Unfortunately, that is the case here.”

Grinberg released a response to the lawsuit, saying, “This is an egregious lawsuit filled with inaccuracies, yet unfortunately people sometimes resort to these practices as a way of conducting business.”

Wiz has yet to release a personal statement regarding the lawsuit, but hopefully, he will get what he deserves.

Written By: Adia Taylor


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