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Now that we’re post Valentine’s Day, all of the usual wine lovers can make a trip back down their favorite aisle at the super market. Your favorite wine is probably back in stock. If white wine is a favorite, then this week you should try a lovely riesling. It’s citrusy and soft flavor is perfect for your light and refreshing everyday glass. Here’s a few perfect pairings for Riesling.Asian Pork Stir Fry With Chop Sticks


Most Riesling pairs perfectly with almost any asian dish. From Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian to Southwestern and even barbecue. The citrus flavors blend well with the many uses of citrus and ginger in Asian cuisine.


Because of its light and feathery texture, Riesling can be a great bonus for your seafood dish. Shrimp, bass, salmon and crab are just a few seafoods that would blend well over light dishes and pastas.


While some think that Riesling is too fruity for a hearty meal, there are more full-bodied versions of this wine. When looking for a savory pairing, try options like curry chicken, rabbit, chicken salad, gumbo, or even barbecue!Brie cheese. Camembert cheese. Fresh Brie cheese and a slice on


Wine and cheese go together like bread and butter. It’s just necessary. Instead of dessert, a softer option for after dinner can be a cheese spread over good and fruity Riesling. Some of the best cheese pairings are Brie, Chèvre (goat cheese), Reggiano, and even blue cheese. Always remember when pairing wine and cheese, sweet loves salt and cheese and wine goes well with all fruits and nuts.

Hopefully this pairing guide inspires the wine lover within you. If you’ve found the perfect pairing, be sure to comment below and let us know!

By: Triena Deniese, Editor At Large, Modern Domestic


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