From the heart:

It was a regular work day when I received an email from a fellow hustler, Nikkia McClain which I opened right away. Nikkia and I have been associates for a while, and since day one, the energy of sisterhood was present, but we just never had the time/ made the time to catch up. Seeing her name in my inbox is like a sweet treat for my heart. I had no idea what was waiting for me. Nikkia invited me to be a guest on her all-expenses-paid VIP trip to Moon Place Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. My first thought was, ‘girl, what’s the catch?’, but then I quickly realized there was no catch and I allowed myself to accept such a gracious gift. You see my life was in transition because not even a week prior, I decided to move from New York, spend the summer traveling and working to settle in L.A in Q1 2020. I needed a break, and some time by the ocean with other powerful sisters sounded nice.

So, the time came, and I had a bit of “stranger danger” because I had no details about who else was going. I did what any Virgo in position would do – try to control the situation by making recommendations, asking questions, and try to pry information out of our curator. What a waste because the overall ease of just “showing up” was literally magic- from energy matching roommates to honoring dietary restriction. I mean, wow! 

Yes, there were workouts, fancy dinners, top-shelf drinks flowing, boat rides, talks, impromptu dance battles, etc, but what made the long weekend special was that it was the level of comfortability that surrounded us which lead to real moments of vulnerability and a deepening of sisterhood. Have you ever met folks and got mad you didn’t grow up with them? This is how it felt to be with these women, these sisters, mothers, bosses, and soldiers who move through their personal and professional lives so gracefully. I am so grateful for them. 

As someone who is typically the connector, I am pleased to be on the other side of the fence getting connected. This was a beautiful summer get-a-way that served as a reminder to support your girlfriends- now and forever. 
Thank you to Moon Palace Jamaica, Accelerate With Google, All Day Alba, Urban Hydration who made this all possible, especially Tene Nicole’s own Nikkia Mclain. 

Written By: Tiffany Hardin


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