Recently, southern rapper Slim Thug gave his remarks on Russell Wilson and Ciara’s marriage. He painted it as a farce. He believes that Ciara is only with Russell because of financial security. He pretty much dissed Russell and called him corny. This is all coming from a guy that we only know as “Slim Thug.”



It sort of bothers me that a guy that no one has really asked to hear from in years has disparaging things to say about a seemingly very loving marriage. Go figure, a single man sh*tting on a loving relationship – where they do that at?

This narrative of nice guys finishing last is old and tired. In fact, I think being a nice guy is the thing to be in 2018. I never appreciated people taking away another person’s opportunity to grow and learn. Because Ciara dated rappers Future and 50 Cent in the past has to mean that she has to date the same type of guy forever? Why do we typecast people in the dating realm? The truth is, Ciara’s prior experiences didn’t yield her any positive results. She had to change something up. In my opinion she did so for the better.

Russell Wilson pretty much worships the ground Ciara walks on. He makes her feel secure, he lives to see that lady smile. Why in the hell should he ever be berated for that? If you ask me, this is just a classic case of someone seeing deficiencies in themselves and taking it out on someone that they find with the same characteristic that they lack.

You cannot badmouth someone who has clearly done better with the choices they have made. I understand the dynamic of nice guys being looked over at certain times in women’s lives. Sometimes the “ain’t shit dude” is what is appealing. I think that’s a pretty normal occurrence. I’ve seen it in my own life where I was interested in people but I didn’t fit that persona that grabbed them initially. Sometimes you do become appealing to that person in the future. At that point, as the proverbial nice guy, we’re left with the choice of if we want to date this woman now or not.

No matter if we decide to go forward or not with said woman, she deserves the opportunity to want better and seek better for herself. The last thing any of us need is a man named Slim Thug policing any of our actions. It’s a damn shame it was even news. I encourage you ladies to live and learn. There is a guy out there that will “get it.” In so many words, do you.


Written By: Kahlil Haywood

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