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“That’s a real one in your reflection”

Hip-Hop superstar Drake has the perfect message to tell yourself after the “criticizing and analzying your worth” stage that often follows a break-up. In fact, Drake’s single “Nice For What” is a gem because of how encouraging and uplifting it is to women. As someone who frequently experiences going through a break-up, I know that I find solace in music through my period of recovery. When I first heard “Nice For What,” (and I just so happened to be on the verge of a breakup… *sigh* God’s Plan) I felt empowered as if he was speaking directly to me. I found my feelings of annoyance and irritation begin to drift away as I listened to this hot, new single. There are many songs that boost my ego and have me feeling great after a break-up such as Remy Ma’s “Conceited” and Yonce’s “Upgrade You,” however, I think Drake’s “Nice For What” may just be the best post-breakup, boss up anthem ever…let me tell you why:

The man sampled a QUEEN. You know how being in the presence of someone that inspires you makes you feel inspired? That feeling of inspiration is what I get when I hear Lauryn Hill, who is someone women around the world admire! Hearing the lyrics from the queen L Boogie sampled on the track combined with the upbeat tempo instantly makes me feel like a queen. I see what you did there, Drake.

There are lyrics throughout the track that encourage women to live their best life, their way! Lyrics such as

“And you’re showing off but it’s alright/This is your life”

“You been inside/Know you like to lay low” and

“Gotta hit the club/Gotta make that ass jump” speak to me on so many levels. I sometimes battle with what type of woman I want to portray myself to be because society makes it seem as if women have to choose between being fun and carefree or career-oriented, when we can actually be both! This song reminds women that to be at our best it’s important to have balance in our lives.

The entire essence of the song challenges the negative ideology that women–especially black women— have an attitude problem. The song asks, be nice for what? This doesn’t mean be rude and unbearable, but the song begs us women to speak our truth, be ourselves unapologetically, and let men know that we’re the Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea. Contrary to how aggressive I am in my business relationships, in my romantic relationships I tend to be more soft. However, this song entails that I can sip my tea, be peaceful and loving, and still not take any mess from a man. This is the kind of attitude that women should have.

Last but not least, the energy-boosting instrumental plus it’s ego-boosting lyrics equals a song that all women will listen to for decades. The song gives us instagram captions for our moments of accomplishment/boss-up moments and to dismiss f*ckboys at the same damn time…simply iconic. “You ain’t stressing off no lover in the past tense/You already had them” is my favorite lyric and is one of those lines that makes me want to get dressed up and make fun of my exes for passing up on me a great woman! This is the type of feeling that a post-breakup, boss-up anthem should give a woman, and I think that @champagnepapi’s “Nice For What” has embodied the ability to give women this feeling.

What are some of your favorite lyrics from “Nice For What” that make you feel like you’re a flawess and phenomenal woman? Comment below!




Written By: Kahina Ray

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  1. Great write up!! Being from New Orleans, I want to thank Drake, 5th ward weebie, and Big Freedia for putting our Bounce Beat out there for the world to enjoy! My favorite part of course is The Breakdown.. “ Ah ha.. o yea, the h**s they mad” Lol

    • “I wanna know who muhfuckkn representing in here tonite” bahahaha thanks for reading! I was unaware of the Bouncr Beat, thanks for sharing that!

  2. Had a man last year/Life goes on.

    That’s a real one/in you reflection
    Without a comment /Without a mention

    The Whole song just has me R E A D Y for anything and anyone. It just makes me feel good all over and about myself!!!

    • I love “had a man last year life goes on” as well! And I agree the song really just makes you feel good about yourself and everything you got going on!


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