Jaden Smith's Instagram Via @ChristianGrey 1-28-16
Jaden Smith’s Instagram Via @ChristianGrey 1-28-16

Jaden and Willow Smith have always stood out from the crowd, being known for their unique opinions on many different topics. Most recently, the siblings shared their opinions on gender roles.

The Louis Vuitton Spring 2016 women’s wear campaign was revealed this week and as a shock to many, Jaden Smith is one of their new faces. Alongside three female models, Jaden posed in a leather jacket, fringe vest and a pleated skirt.

The siblings were asked to dish their opinions on gender roles and the two had much to say…

“They don’t want to do this because of this… or I don’t want to wear this because I am a boy or I’m a girl and I need to act this type of way, they said.

Jaden then questioned,

“Nobody every thinks, ‘Yo, who made all these rules? Who was here and who made these rules because I’m equally as smart as you.

Willow Smith, commended her brother by posting a picture from the campaign. As a proud sister, she added a very profound caption to express how strongly she feels.

Jaden has been a strong advocate for gender fluidity. He is known for wearing skirts and dresses previously, even wearing one to his high school prom.

Do you agree with the Smith siblings on the gender fluid movement?

Written By: Marshay Rice


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