retrieved via Facebook @Sammie on 7-4-16.
retrieved via Facebook @Sammie on 7-4-16.
retrieved via Facebook @Sammie on 7-4-16.

He’s not that little boy we all fell in love with back in 1999.  The cute little chocolate boy from Florida has grown up to be the handsome, suave and experienced R&B singer and songwriter Sammie. He’s accustomed to taking lengthy breaks between his albums, but it looks like he hasn’t stopped working and is still making music for his listeners.  Take a look as he serenades his IG followers.

It was 1999 when 12-year-old Sammie Lee Bush, Jr, was signed to Capitol Records.  His first album From the Bottom to the Top produced his hottest single to date, “I Like It” earning a gold record.  Sammie released another single and collaborated with Bow Wow, Lil Wayne and Lil Zane on the movie soundtrack single “Hardball” in 2001 before taking a break to focus on school.  Lucky for us, Sammie has grown up wonderfully, but it’s always good to take it back every now and then. Take a look.

After his first album, Sammie didn’t return until 2006 with his self-titled project. Sammie debuted in the top ten on the R&B/Hip-Hop Song chart.  He released two singles off the album, “You Should Be My Girl” and “Come with Me,” but both tracks didn’t even reach the top 20 on the charts.  Never the less, they still charted and make for great throwbacks.

So, what is Sammie up to now?  He dropped his mixtape “Insomnia” back in 2012 and released his third album Indigo earlier this year via his company Star Camp Music. He wrote all tracks on the latest album and worked a lot with his usual team, producers DohBoy and KCity. Here’s his single “Exes” off his latest LP.

Written By: Melody Lanei


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